Lambrusco by the beach

Just a quickie before I'm off on a date with this bottle of Lambrusco and my boyfriend on the beach.

Oh and by the way, on friday I'm off to Mallorca again!

Futvolley weekend

Hello sweets!
Have been a bit busy this weekend, baby had a Futvolley tournament going on so I've spent the last 2 days on a beach in Gavà. The tournament was supposed to be a big hit but honestly it all turned into a bigg mess with no organisation what so ever and just a nasty promotion for Catalunya. But the guys made the best of it and we all had alot of fun. My precious and his partner Fabrizio sadly lost the final against Pitt and Claudinho (who they won against in the group stage) but they did great anyway. Afterwards we had some Cava at a lounge called Kawai next to the beach and laughed alot. Great people, great weather and a great sport.

Hernán, Pitt, Claudinho & Fabri

Lovely people!

Yet another long update..

And yet again more than a week since the last time I wrote a blog. There's only one reason to it: My life is too good right now to sit infront of the computer. So what have I been up to lately then?

Me and my boyfriend (I never get tired of using that word!) went for a short visit to my beloved island Mallorca. We spent day one in El Arenal with my parents, on the beach, playing minigolf (I lost by 2 lousy points!!) and having dinner with my family + Oskar, Rebecca and Guillermo at Sa Farinera. Amazing food as always and afterwards I went out for a few drinks with Hernan, Oskar and Rebecca. MTV, Planet Party and Cacao as usual. Nice to see some lovely faces but there were loads missing.

Day two we rented a motorbike and took off for Alcudia to visit the Ivory Playa. Great to see some of my favourite guests from last year and of course Britta, Dennis, David, Poli and a few others from the staff. We spent some hours on the beach aswell before taking off to Formentor and Port de Pollenca. Dinner at the pasta place back in Arenal and a needed sleep. 

The third day was the best by far. We headed up and down the mountins for some lunch at Cala Conills at my dads cousins restaurant. An amazing paella, some swimming and then we went on to explore the island a bit. We found the amazing Cala Llamp, an increadible bay where the sea had made a small "pool" where you could just sit and relax if you didn't wanna swim in the heavy waves. Such a wonderful place and we spent a few hours there before leaving for Magaluf and a drink with my love Veronica. Sooo nice to see her again, feels like years since the last time. My princess ♥ Sadly we couldn't stay for very long since we had our flight back the sam night. The trip took a while but at 4am we were finally in bed, wrecked but happy with our first trip together.

My dear friend Mario celebrated his birthday like nobody else. We spent the entire afternoon at the South Beach party at Mellow beach club by the W Hotel. Cuba libres, Caipiroskas and Champagne flooded all over the place and we all had great fun. At night we kept on partying at Opium before me and precious went home for some sleep (like the old people we are..).

I keep getting offers to shoot publicity spots and a few days ago I was picked up together wit a few others and they took us to Cobrera de Llobregat (at worlds end more or less) for a funny shoot. We got dressed in fancy dresses, our hair done à la Hollywood and some party make-up on before we were presented to the star of the shoot, the chihuahua Archie. Archi was the DJ at a club and we just had to freak out to his music in front of the camera. Great fun and a pretty short day so it was nice.

And today I have another shoot, this one is for "Embutidos Argal". A company that makes ham, sausages, cheese and so on. I wonder what we get to do... Anyway, gotta start getting ready now so I'll write you later, whenever I feel like it hihi. Kisses.

Campeones del Mundo!!

And so it is. WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD!! It wasn't an easy game and they were almost at penalties before Spains hero Andrés Iniesta beautifully placed the ball in the net. Such complete happiness and now it's proved - they're not only Europes best team but the WORLDS best. Amazing!

Today starts another event that I love. The Båstad-week. Swedish open with everything that comes with it. Last year I was dying to leave Mallorca for a week to party with my boys but this year I'm more relaxed. A person asked me if I was going and I said no, he asked me why and I answered: I prefer Barcelona. And it's true. This city makes me happy and I fall more and more in love with it every day. And of course with Him..♥

But I'm sure the guys in Båstad will have a blast like every year. I'll keep my fingers crossed for my dear hermano Potito Starace this year. You deserve this title Champ!

Mario, Nacho and crazy happy me

Mario, me and Jasmine

Now wave your flag!!

Tonight is the night. Our chance to show the world that we truly ARE the best team in the world. There is only one thing to say: UNIDOS SEREMOS GRANDES, SEREMOS FUERTES!!!


No Guardiola for me...

"Andrea Viktoria, the 2/7 you confirmed your intrest in participating in the spot for Banc de Sabadell starring Josep Guardiola. This time you weren't selected but we will keep sending you more castings in the future".

Ehhhrr??? PEP GUARDIOLA?! Why didn't they say anything about that in the first email they sent me where they only offered me a shit salary for this spot and I said yes mostly because I don't want them to stop sending me castings. I would have done it for FREE just to be able to shake that mans hand and thank him for all the happiness he's brought me the last 2 years. But hey, Banderas one day and Guardiola the next would be just too good to be true right..?

My biggest frigging idol...

A LOT of catching up

Waaahh I'm such a disaster!! But I have been busy, I'm sorry. Sooo what has happened since the last time I wrote?

I quit working for CESEL. Big desiscion and I was really sad since I liked it but I'm not made for an office job 9 hours/day and specially not in this crazy heat! Instead I'm gonna do some hostess jobs and hopefully some commercial spots aswell if things turn out the way I want them to. Today I had an awesome day at work, I'll tell you more later on! 

Chica Aperol, can you guess where I'm at?

I love the worldcup!! This year has been so weird with huge nations like England, France and Italy kicked out so early and sadly Argentina aswell yesterday in quarterfinals. But thank God Spain is still in the game with a little bit of luck and with Villa playing like a God. BEWARE of Barcelona next season..!! Next up now is Germany in semis, tough but not impossible at all, and watch out for the big surprise of the season, Uruguay is on fire this year! 

Free time/Love.
I try to spend every seccond I can with my baby and we do it well. We celebrated san Juan on the beach with the rest of the gang and maaan, I think I had a bit too much Cava. I went to pee in the water in front of the entire population of Barcelona, not once but TWICE and poor Hernan almost died laughing both times. We've also been to the big maze, up the mountain in Tibidabo, having lovely breakfasts on the beach and watched countless soccer games together. He's the one I just can't be without. The one who shows up on my doorstep at midnight with ice cream and an old guitarr so I can practice what he taught me. The one I love!

But I do take some time for friends aswell! Last week I went with sweetest Ornela to the Aerosmith concert. We hung out in the Shôko VIP-lounge where Guido and Diego were working, watched Argentina - Mexico and had loads of free champagne and beer. AMAZING concert and a lovely evening with a new and great friend.

Cava by the beach, San Juan - Rock chick (?) before the concert

Shôko-VIP with Guido and Diego


Today I did something that has been on my to-do-list for a very long time. I watched the MotoGP race live in Montmeló! By coincidence I found an add on the internet and applied for a hostess job for Aperol and after an interview and a casting I got it. Not just a job but THE job. Me and another girl got to be the VIP-girls and while the other 10 girls were down in the boiling heat giving out small gifts from Aperol I was up in the lounge with air condition, a huge buffét and a perfect wiew over start line. To make things even better I got to follow the sponsors down to the podium after the races (they were handing over the prices) and since my dearest Dani ended on 2nd place i got a quick chance to congratulate him afterwards. So nice to see him in action for real!

Before the start. As always a perfect start but missed the first turn badly and got back in on 9th place but finally he ended up on the podium. What a fighter!

But the absolute best part of the day was another dream coming true. I got to see the man of my dreams for so many years, sex on legs, ANTONIO BANDERAS live. First from above but then he passed by me on a small bike and I got a few pics. I was seriously three meters away from him! I'm usually not this silly when it comes to famous people but this man is a God to me so believe me I am happy with this amazing weekend.

Grande Banderas!!


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