Only you.

I'm compleeetely wrecked after a long day screening for Sanex. We were 100 girls, all running around in a small g-string so imagine the chaos! Had lots of fun though and met some really cool girls today. Feels good since I'm mainly hanging around guys down here (as ususal..). Some of us were lucky and got to leave earlier since we're coming back tomorrow and when I got home I crashed in bed for two hours. I'm awake now but tired as hell. Tomorrow I'm back on it again and this time with the boys. My lord, gonna be even more chaos than today and I feel really sorry for them hahaha. Yes, they also get to wear nothing but a string!

Oh and guess who woke up at 6 just to drive me to the place of the spot at the other end of BCN this morning? I do have the best boyfriend in the world!

Postat av: Feli

Blir så glaaad!

2010-06-10 @ 22:09:51
Postat av: Mirella

åååå....!!!!!!! :D :D <3 <3 <3

2010-06-14 @ 15:07:15

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