Worlds finest DJ's at Amba

I hate this stupid cold that I've got right now, made me hold back sooo much last night allthough I could have gone bananas on the dancefloor. Instead I stood in a nice corner and just enjoyed the music. F*cking amazing night! Everybody was there:

Dirty South was there
Axwell was there
TIËSTO was there (finallyyyy I've seen the man)
Stockholm Live were there
and of course miss Castells and miss Falck were there!

Moi and Feli

Amazing Dirty South

My God and baby Axwell with legendary Tiësto

DS. Looove this pic

Pics stolen from

Let it GO!

Dirty South, here I come!

Carrera Safari - Check!

Just checking in to say hi! Back from Gallerian now an boy have I been shopping... Dress, skirt, tops, accessories, you name it but there's one thing I shouldn't have bought but I just couldn't resist. A brand new pair of Carreras! I tried various models but finally I ended up with my darlings Safari. I swear, they were calling my name and my excellent excuse is that they are my present to myself for passing my driving test at the first attempt. Love'em!


Now I gotta start getting ready...

For tonight GOD is a DJ

Weeell good morning dear people! I have a heavy cold, I'm really sleepy but I'm in an excellent mood. Tonight is THE night and THE DJ is rocking Ambassadeur tonight. I'm warming up allready with some coffee, talking to mr. Brown about our friends. He's hanging with Jack while I prefer to hang with my entourage of gooses and sometimes freak out with mr. Cuervo even though I usually regret it the morning after when I wake up on his shoulder.

However. Today I have some serious shopping to attend to. I want a dress, shoes, this and that. This could be dangerous. Oh well, gotta grab a shower now. Smell ya lateeer!

Faithless - God is a DJ

3D flower make


This is the result of todays make up. Talented Malin needed to practise on a 3D-make and made this beautiful flower which is even prettier in real life. The rest of my face got a light, nice make that I really liked. Right now I have 2 spanish and 2 cuban men here who wants some pizza so I better get going. Later darlings.

Stupid laptop

I had written a loong post and then my dear laptop decided to update som stuff and turned itself off. Thank you very much. However, I have a bit of a cold, not ok since this weekend is supposed to ROCK so I'm eating ruby grapefruits like a maniac right now. I also have a date with my spanish dentist today and efter that I'm off to MIST for a make up session.

Oh and Inter won last night haha!

Dentist and MIST

Darlings! I just took a nice shower and washed my dirty hair. Feeling FRESH! Wouldn't say no to have someone here to be fresh with... Anyone up for it? There's one hell of a good game tonight for you who likes soccer. Inter - Chelsea, two teams that I'd gladly see getting kicked out of the Champions League and one of them will haha. May it please be Chelsea!

Tomorrow I have a quick dentist visit to make, just a regular check so I hope it will be over fast. I'm not scared or anything, I just find it deadly boring. After that I'll hurry to MIST to get another fabulous make up by sweet Malin. Will be a nice day. Maybe I will even have time to look for something nice to wear on friday.

I wanna travel...

Missing Mallorca

I got some really nice news a few days ago. My princess Mary is coming to Mallorca with my girl Loretta in august. They will live where I lived this season and I will for suuure be there aswell. I'm not gonna work there this summer but there are SO many things I miss from last year:

♦ Pizza romana with extra garlic at Hawaii
♦ Crazy Tequila-nights at the Prince of Wales
♦ Sneaking around a circus-area at night with Andy
(scared shitless of empty tiger-cages)
♦ Foamparty at Bells and Menta. "I wanna go in there AGAIN!!!"
♦ Chilling with David at Royal Beach
♦ All endless nights at Cheers, Twister, Bebedors, Magic etc...
♦ Dancing on stage with fantastic Britta
♦ Kareoke at Peach Pit and Las Vegas. La Bamba forever!
♦ Taking a midnight swim naked with amazing friends

I could go on like this all day long but I won't. I just know I will live it all again soon, and that is such a great thing to know.

Me, Mary and Lore in the background. ♥

Happy bird

Good morning ladies and lads! I feel like I'm back in the game somehow, now that this license-thing is all over. Now you won't have to read about my boring classes or studies, now we're concentration on the future my dear readers! Today is a lovely sunny day and ONLY -1, can you believe it?

I just had a lovely breakkie and today I think I'll go grab some sun today and also get my SIM-card that stupid Tele2 finally have sent me. Seems to me like this is gonna be a nice day.

♥ C

Perfect day

Dinner, FC Barcelona and a brand new drivers license. Could a day get any better?
Don't think so. See you later darlings ♥


So tired but so happy. And SO proud of myself. I nailed the theory on my first attempt and also rocked the driving. I'm in my bed, just relaxing before tonights game and dinner with Penya Barcelonista de Suecia. It's so nice to finally be able to relaxe completely and not worry anymore. The future looks so bright, here are a few upcoming highlights:

♦ This friday I'll watch Stockholm Live at Ambassadeur. Perfect warm up for the main entertainment of the night, Dirty South. Can't freaking wait.

Davis Cup next weekend. Do I need to say more? Tennis, party, happiness!

♦ Barcelona 12-15/2 with Penya to see Barcelona-Valencia. Gonna be too good to be true. Maybe I'll just stay there or I'll come back for a few days before I MOVE there.

And then the entire spring/summer ahead...
Gonna be perfect!

Freedom and pure happiness ♥

My body is shaking.
I'm mentally exhausted.
My heart is racing.


My life can begin.

Today is the DAY

I'm off to do what I must do.
Wish me luck...

Did you know?

Did you know..?
...I was shit scared of electricity when I was a kid. Whenever I hade to plug something in or out I got really nervous and I was sooo careful to NOT touch the "silver", only the plastic part. Like it would be very easy to get a shock haha. Such a little chicken...

At the Ivory with my sweeties Martina and Paola

And speaking of chickens I think it's time for this little one to go to bes ASAP. Long and important day tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to the evening. Going for dinner with Penya Barcelonista de Suecia to watch the Champions game. But before that I have some serious business to attend to...

Hasta mañana chicos y chicas!

Well done Castells

On my way home from the driving school I saw that my bus was standing at the station and I started running, I mean TJURRUSA (very swedish expression!) towards it. I got a glance at the drivers face, a young HOT guy, and he smiled at me to show me ha had seen me and he would wait. But clumpsy as I am I didn't realize that I was running on pure ice and that smile was just enough to make me loose my focus and slip. And there I was on the ground like some cochroach and the smile got even bigger. When I (red as a tomato) got on the bus and found it empty he just laughed and told me to relax.

- It's still five minutes til' the bus leaves.

Oh great.


One pissed off chick is on her way to freak out in a car now.
Later guys.

Damn this

A needle in my heart. Another ghost in my brain. I don't need this now. Won't take it now. I need to stay calm and concentrated, nothing else. There's too much to loose. And fucking Tele2 can go to hell! How the F*CK can they disconnect my SIM-card before they send me a new one? I'm expecting a bloody important call you morons!



Woohoo, top pf the morning to you people! It's -20 lovely degrees and the sun is shining, what an amazing winter morning. Allright, I guess you can see through my optimism, the truth is I'd rather go back to sleep and wake up in may buuut I have to make the best out of this week. Today I have a very important phonecall at 11 and then some driving to attend to at 14.00 so I need to stay sharp all day long. But don't worry people, I will be here for you too. I'm your Superwoman!

Here's another summer pic, just to motivate you a bit more.

My princess Alexia

Gooosh I'm tired! Had a great dinner at David's and it was soo nice to see my princess Alexia again and her adorable brother Adrian. Haven't seen Alexia since she was just a baby and I was babysitting her while Eva was giving birth to Adrian and my goodness, she's so big now and just as cute if not even cuter.

Mr. G called on my way home and told me to come to Café Opera where he has a table with loads of booze. Maan why do I always have to ditch him when it comes to these things? I have a VERY important driving class tomorrow and I need to be on top. F***.

I'm sorry I haven't been very active today but I'll make it up to you guys tomorrow.
Now I'm gonna fall asleep to my favourite vampires.

Old pic. Miss those days...

Go to hell stupid snow

Once again I have to mention how much I hate the bloody snow. I've spent 2 hours on the roof with my dad trying to get the shitty snow off of it before our roof falls in. I have a lighter hang over from yesterdays wine and Martinis but I feel ok. I had loads of fun as usual yesterday. Preparty at Felicias buddy and then Amba where we met Sofia and some other sweet girls.

Apparantly Glamourama was there (allthough miss Hibbs arrived a bit late for the champagne in red room haha) and we might have been caught dancing, will be interesting to see if miss Castells, Feli and Sofia are the new Glamourama faces haha. Anyway, gotta shower now. We're invited to spanish David's place for dinner. Gonna be so nice to see adorable Alexia and her little brother Adrian that I haven't met yet. 

I'll be here later on babes.

All In

Just checking in to wish you all a nice saturday night. I'm off now to Ambassadeur and there's only one thing I can say: All In. See ya tomorrow!

This summer could be amazing

Just talked to my man Charlie in Argentina. He told me he was on his way to the tennis to watch Ferru play. Am I jealous or what? But he also told me he's probably coming to Båstad this summer with one hell of a player. Hopefully me and Feli are going and I think this could be freaking awesome.

M - Charlie - V and I, always on the phone.

Starbucks in Sweden

WOW! How can I possibly have missed the fact that Starbucks is now opening up in Sweden?! So far only in Arlanda so I guess I'll have to go on a little tripp to get my favourite morning latte. Nah, just kidding but thank God I have my favourite Starbucks in this world in the middle of Ramblas soon. There will for sure be a few breakkies there every week. I want to go to Barcelona noooow!

Thank you!

Woow! So nice to see so many people reading my blog now. We have another record my friends and I'm so happy. THANK YOU! Just had a nice dinner with my dad and now I think I'll watch some Vampire Diaries, maybe read a bit of Eclipse and actually go to sleep.

And oh! Things are starting to look good now. I have an interview for a job in Barcelona on monday and I got some emails from this guy who wants me to rent a room in his appartment between the Barceloneta beach and Ramblas. Perfect location and NO, it's not the creepy Leggings-Guy haha!

I like.


V-log. Have a nice weekend!

Lethal Industry

I hate the stupid little fact that I could be partying in Thailand with Tiësto tonight. Instead I'm in cold Stockholm because I chose to get my drivers license. When I made my choice it made sense but right now I'm starting to wonder... Oh well, I've made a lot of bad choices when it comes to him and I guess I'll survive another one.

Here's my absolute favourite Tiësto-track - Lethal Industry

Mini christmas

Just cleaned up my room and when I went through my weekend bag I realized there was a hole in one of the pockets so I put down my finger to see what was down there and my god, did I have a mini christmas or what?

1. Idomin - Imagine how long that one has been there since I stopped using it years ago...
2. A smaller fortune
3. One Dior pen (+ 2 lids) that I didn't even know was gone
4. My beloved Pacha el Hotel dog tag that I've been looking for soo much!
5. And the best thing, my precious Amethyst that means so much to me.

Face Drop

And now I see your face drop
I told you not to leave me alone
Now that I got my own I see your face drop
I told you not to count me out

'Cause you always try to fill me with doubt
Sayin' that I look better if I was thinner
Don't you know you shoulda love me for my inner
When I left you, yo, I came out a winner

Compliments from a Brazilian super model

Feels pretty damn nice to get a
"Lindaaaaaa" (which means beautiful in spanish) commented on this picture from THIS gorgeous lady, miss Mello. That my friend is one pretty girl and I had the privilege to meet her last year at the Copa Telmex like I told you yesterday. Just as crazy as me and ten times more beautiful.

Maan I miss those days.  

Vampire Diaries

I just realized it's thursday today and do you know what that means?!

VAMPIRE DIARIES!! Aaahh I love it, after two episodes I was completely in love with all of the three main characters. Beautiful beautiful ElenaDamon with the gorgeous face and those eyes and of course his deadly sexy brother Stefan. Gahh... Who the f*** is Edward Cullen compared to these two vampires?!

Longing for Dirty South

Back from my driving class and today it felt alot better. So close now and I'm more scared every day but today at least I kept my focus during the entire class. Now I'm hungry as hell and I think I'll make myself some scrambeled eggs and listen to some Dirty South. Can't waaaiiit til' the 26th when he's at Ambassadeur. And so is my dear friend Kristian gonna be since he's working for Gripsholm Vodka that is sponsoring the event. Haven't seen the guy for ages so that will be fun!

Running naked

I'm up early again today, I need to get used to it since my driving test is way too early in the morning next week and there are better reasons to fail it then because I'm tired, right? But I WILL NOT FAIL. I know I can do it.

Sitting here eating half a grapefruit and drinking my coffee as usual, trying my best to be positive but it's hard when I look out the window. When is this nasty snow gonna disappear?! I hate to wear all these clothes, I'd rather run around naked on the streets. Maybe I should try that? With CASTELLS.BLOGG.SE written on my back? Maaan would I get readers or what?


People take a bow and show me that you love me.
I am, I am the queen.

International friends

Just spoke to my argentinian friend Nico who's in Sydney right now. You never really know where that guy is, last time I spoke to him he was in fancy Punta del Este (Uruguay) and the time before that he was at Fashion Week in Brazil. However, now I'm trying to get his ass over to Stockholm for the Davis weekend. Would be so great to see him again and maaan would we party with the other argentinians? Well, my tummy is full of chinese food and I'm exhausted so I think I'm gonna go to bed and keep on reading Eclipse. Love it!

This guy is such a party globetrotter, just like me!

Xuxa - Ilarie

I'm taking a little trip back to my childhood, or actually even further back in time. When I was a kid I loved to listen to Xuxa, a brazilian singer, actress, TV-host and you name it. I got a mixtape from my spanish aunt Yolanda who also listened to Xuxa in her youth and I loved that tape. Her biggest hit is this one, Ilarie, a song that I still love to listen to. It's such a feel good song and today I saw the video clip for the first time.

What do you think?

Last year...

I just realized that the Copa Telmex Buenos Aires is this week. Double-F***. I think you can't possibly imagine how much I would love to be there, just like last year. I got to meet the Vampires stunning girlfriend, race down Avenida 9 de julio with Lopez in Lombis car (to die for!) and hang with the one and only Lobito the legend. I also happen to know that my two darlings are there and that makes my heart bleed a little bit more. 

But well, I guess SHE's there too and I'd rather not witness that.
F*ck. F*ck. F*ck.

I did it!

on my way home


Wish me luck...

This is one very special morning and I'm listening to Akon for two reasons. First of all I need to relax. Badly. But I can't relax too much, that would be the worst thing I could do. That's why I listen to Akon. He always makes me wanna dance. So that's exactly what I'm doing. Dancing around the house trying not to think too much. Soon I'm off doing what needs to be done... Wish me luck people!

Can you maybe guess what I'm up to..?

Won't stop til' I find my freedom..

Hunk of the week

Ladies and lads! I know I promised you a new hunk last weekend but I was too tired to put him up but of course I will make it up to you by posting some more pictures this time. Well the hunk of this week is my dear friend and personal bartender since I was only a kid.

His name is Kleber and he's a brazilian dancer/barman who loves beautiful ladies and never says no to a dance, preferably ON the bar. You should know by now how this goes, just let me know what you think people and you might win a date with this hottie. 



Oh and by the way...

Don't come close to me with one of those nasty little suckers.
That was all for now.

Die semla, die!

Near death experience!

Todays driving was ok but still some small details to work on. I'm starting to feel frustrated and freaked out now. Not a good sign. And talking about signs I'm not sure I should take my theory test since my computer litterally exploded today! The program just went down and I was anyway thinking about going home soon and the second I left the room I heard a loud POFF and it smelled horrible. Thank God I wasn't sitting in front of it... I could have gotten an electric shock or even worse, smelly clothes!

Did you know?

Did you know...?
...That I'm a sucker for people with talent? Doesn't matter if it's a guy or a girl, if he/she's really good at something (singing, sports, acting, kissing, just knows alot, anything!) my brain falls in love with this person. I think it's so cool to be a pro at something, doesn't matter what. Are YOU a pro?

Here's a little sneak peak from yesterdays shoot. Haven't done anything to this picture.

Tired but focused

Just woke up from an awesome dream. I can really feel Davis Cup coming closer now, or maybe it just had to do with some random comment Feli made yesterday about some "picker"? No idea but the dream was nice and I could have stayed longer in it if it wasn't for my driving class today. Have to focus a 100 % today.

Yesterday I was off shooting all afternoon and when I came home I was exhausted and didn't work so I couldn't write you. Everything went just fine and I got a new reader to my blog, everybody say hi to Ivan from Mexico! "Hola Ivan". He's a photographer aswell and ladies if you feel like taking some pics just let me know and I'll hook you up with this guy.

I just might post a picture later IF you behave nicely!

Bread in the fridge?

I just found the bread in the fridge.
Do you understand now how badly I need my coffee in the morning..?
I'm off shooting now, see ya later peeps!

Studies and photo shoots

How come it's totally ok to wake up early when you have something fun to do but so not ok when you just have a regular day coming up? Today is one of those ok days. I slept good, woke up rested and had a nice breakfast. Have to drag my ass to school soon for some tests, the real one is close now. Very close. But after that I'll go to the studio to shoot for a while with mr. Carter. Could be a good day, I just gotta drink my coffee and become human first. XX

I rock!

I'm soooo damn good you can't even imagine. I'm so bloody persuasive and I KNEW I could pull it through. And so I did. Davis Cup is gonna be totally unforgettable, I'm pretty sure about that. There will be some fancy people in this town that weekend and yes, all thanks to me and my persuasion.

(Yes I'm totally self absorbed today).

Chocolate and roses

I took a trip with my dad to get some stuff done and on the way I got loads of chocolate. Some Aladin hearts from my dad, some Anthon Berg 72% from my sweet grandma aaaand a chokladboll in Farsta Centrum. I love Valentines! But the nicest surprise was waiting at the door when I came back. Three gorgeous roses and some sweet friendship all the way from Spain. Thank you D!

Happy Valentines day

For once I feel really good on Valentines and I think that's thanks to last night at Ambassadeur. Me and Ella danced all night among roses and red balloons. I got such a nice and loving feeling in my little tummy and today I'm just smiling and relaxing. Hope you all have a great Valentines day with someone you love. Big kiss to all of you lovely readers.

Girls night out

Great girls night out at Amba yesterday. So nice to see Ella, Jackie, Pauie and Mirella again. And of course my dearest Feli, not to forget! There was dancing, wine and laughing all night long and when mr. Daniel da Silva was spinning decks and put on Staffan Hellstrand - Lilla fågel blå, well then I exploaded, litterally.

Then there were also some friend of Joan Cruyff there?!
Helloooo... JOAN CRUYFF!!  Sick.


One tired chicken is going to bed now...
Hasta mañana!

Time to party!

Have an awesome friday night!

Crazy shopping

Just had my second latte at me princess Elinors place. She works at a small café close to me and I can't believe I haven't been there before. So nice to see my darling and hopefully I'll see her again later on today! Now I really need to wash my hair and freshen up a bit before I go shopping some food with my dad.

And talking about shopping, MY LORD have I been spending money today... Jeeez, I don't even dare to check my accounts right now. Jeans (!), make up, brushes, pads, more clothes, eyelashes and the third and fourth book of the Twilight saga. Hello big spender...


Sitting at Mommo's right now with a huge latte in my left hand. Finally I'm human. I need to pass by Kick's but I'm afraid I'll just throw money around me in there. Need brushes, pads, stuff for my nails and lots of other things.

Well, I have some shopping to attend to.
Later peeps!

Crazy dreams

Good morning ladies and lads! I just woke up laughing cos' I had the craziest dream ever. I was at Australian Open with Feli and there was a doubble going on and on one team was my friend the Chilean Olympic champion and... My mom! Hahaha. They were playing another pro/amateur team, don't remember who the professional was. Well they won the game since the other couple retired after the first set. But maan that looked funny.

Think I'm gonna go shopping a bit now and write a bit today, but stay tuned people, I will put up a new hunk for you today and you DON'T wanna miss this guy. Lateeer XX.

Edward Scissorhands

Now I'm in love with an Edward too, just like all girls seem to be these days. But it's not Edward Cullen, it's mr Scissorhands himself. I find him totally adorable in the movie, so innocent and sweet. What a weird but awesome movie, I liked it very much.

Dani wrote me before asking when I'm coming to Barcelona, telling me he wants to see me. Waaah, can't wait to go on that bike along the streets of Mallorca again. Or Barcelona for that matter. I really miss the little guy! I really think it's gonna be so damn good in Barcelona, I can feel it.

Weekend kickstart

It's friday tomorrow and I'm soooo happy about it. I'm gonna do a little shopping, have a fika and just be relaxed all day long before the night kicks in with all its adventures. There will be dinner with Feli at some restaurant and them some serious partying at Amba and hopefully the rest of my girls will show up! Think I will kickstart this weekend now allready with a movie that I've wanted to see for ages.

Edward Scissorhands.

Have you guys seen it?
Is it good?

Did you know?

Did you know:
When I was 11 I got to "work" one day at Marineland in Mallorca. It's lika a zoo and I got to work with the dolphins and the parrots. Amazing experience since my biggest dream was to work with dolphins. Now I only dream of getting out of here.


Don't drink and drive and don't drive at 7 am just a few days before your examination. I was too tired to day and not concentrated at all so I made loads of silly mistakes. It sucks! Well, back home now and I just feel like sleeping until tomorrow but I can't. Instead I'm talking to my dear photographer John Carter who wants to shoot on monday again, this time a bit more serious then yesterdays spontanious pictures. Here's a sneakpeak of the result anyway. Enjoy!


Repeat mantra

Are people seriously awake this early because they WANT to..??
Could someone who is please explain that to me?
I'm fighting hard not to blow my stupid driving class off and go back to bed.

Repeat mantra:
Have to drive.
Have to drive.
Have to drive.

More test shoots

Loooong day today again! First Malin put on a glamorous look and we made the lips like five hundred times. They had to be perfect. Jeez. After that we made a more dramatic look with dark eyes and lips. In the middle of everything this "professor" I told you about yesterday came over again and told me to go to the studio afterwards to take some test shots. Apparantly he's the owner of the school haha! And so we did. The photographer was a cool american dude named John and we took some cool pics. We'll see if I get them or not, if I do of course I'll show you pretty people.

Well, now I'm home and I'm just gonna eat something.
See you in a while ♥

Did you know?

A new day is here and with that comes new possibilities. I'm not as tired as I've been the last two days, maybe I'm starting to get used to waking up this early? Todays make up is something about glamour. Extreme glamour or something like that and I think it will be a pretty crazy one. Not sure I will go home with it on but I promise to get you a picture at least. I think I'll start telling you something you maybe didn't know about me everyday. So here we go:

Did you know?
I drink loads of milk. Green ecologic Arla milk is the real deal hunnies. I drink about a litre/day and even more sometimes. Love it!

Gorgeous Alexandra and I outside

Tired girl

One tired little girl is going to bed now. There will be a long day tomorrow again at MIST with some cool make up theme again. I really love it, I learn alot just by listening and it's dangerous cuz now I want to go bananas in their shop haha. I can see myself spending an awful lot of money in there... Oh! By the way I forgot to tell you! Yesterday one of the professors came and stood behind us when Malin was doing my make up and he watched me for a while and then he said: She will be perfect for your photo shoots. Apparantly they have to make some shoots later on where they do the hair, the make and dress their models up in different styles and she wants me as her model. I'm so flattered and I will for sure make at least one shoot with her. Then we'll see if the time is enough to make the other ones aswell, it all depends on when I leave this country. Well now, good night! XXX

Oh Africa

This song has been on repeat on my Spotify-list the last few days. I absolutely love it. Not only because I think Akon is by far the best RnB artist right now but also because of the great feeling this song gives me. Now I saw the video and I think it's amazing aswell. What do YOU think?

See we'll never be able to forget this day
'cause it's the greatest day of our life.
See no matter what happens at least we can say
“we came, we saw, we tried”

Rush of happiness!

Just got a rush of happiness! Aaahhh I love this feeling. I feel loved, I feel that change is coming and I feel free somehow. Here are a few reasons to WHY I feel like this right now:

1. Dirty South @ Ambassadeur 26/2. Do I need to say more..?!

2. I'm soon out of here but still just around the corner. Barcelona is like Skåne if you think about it. Far away from Sthlm but still so close!

3. People are missing me! My favourite bartender is missing me. People in Mallorca misses me. My old teachers are asking about me (thanks D for telling me!). And best of all - GIORGIO misses me!

4. Giorgio told me he loves my new photos and that he misses me. My cliff to lean on in the tennis-storm. And best of all, I will see him in april during Sabadell Open in Barcelona. My hero!

Alex & Castells 

Houston we have a problem...

33 hairpins later...

My new favourite hairdresser!

Back home and I have such an amazing creation of hair on my head right now that I barely dare to move an inch. I didn't know that Malin actually is a hairdresser so I was surprised and amazed like hell of her skills today. I know who's gonna do my hair if/when I get married!


I ♥ Leggings

That's the answer I got when I wrote to the leggings-dude and told him that I looove to wear leggings and I asked if there isn't anything else he would like me to wear. And WHY on earth does he have an obsession about leggings?

Well what he says is that he loves to see girls in leggings and if I like to wear them at home, well then we share something more special than the roof over our heads. He's not looking for a relationship but for a special roomie.

HAHA what do you think people?
Maybe he's rich, sexy and a beast in bed?
Please give me a break hahaha!

First picture up

Once again people, it's hard to be a full time model! I just woke up and my head is close to exploding. But hey, positive thoughts right? I just realized I save so much time in the morning with the new Nespresso machine. It took me more or less 10 minutes to make myself a latte before, now it takes less than 2 minutes! And since it's not exactly as warm as I would like it (you can't have everything, right?) I have to drink it much quicker = time saving!

I just saw that G just put up the first picture from last night on Facebook. I had to put the angry look some times, my make up was pretty rough so it looked kind of funny when I smiled. What do you think?

Alexandra I. & A. Castells
Photo: GP. 

Full time model

It's tiering to be a model, that's for sure! First the hours of make up at MIST, then back home and allready there I was exhausted (of doing nothing!). Almost fell asleep to The Notebook and then all of a sudden mr G called and asked if I could to the photo shoot in an hour. Sure, I just had to get my face back on.

We took loooaads of pictures and then sexy miss Alexandra popped by and we took even more pics together. Maaan I laughed so much during the entire shoot, G' isn't the best in explaining how he want's his models to sit/stand etc. so the positions got kind of weird sometimes but boy, did we have fun!

I really need to sleep now since I have to be back at MIST tomorrow at 11 to be a hair model this time. Loves it. I know I promised to tell you what the leggings-dude wrote to me but I have to do it tomorrow. Now - Sleeeeep!

One amazing summer night in Ibiza...

Make Up

I'm back and I'm beautiful! Haha nah but Malin did a great job even though the theme wasn't bride make up as I thought. First she put on a "sophisticated" crazy look with red and black all over my eyes. Very cool but more for the runway then for a photo shoot. After that she did a nice evening make up and that's the one I'm wearing right now. Here are some pictures.

See you in a while!

Remember the guy who put up the ad about the room for rent who wanted a girl who likes to wear leggings at home? Guess what? I sent him an email that I love to wear leggings just to see what kind of perv he was and he answered right away. I'll show you what later. Now I'm off modelling and yes, the sun glasses are ON baby!

This could be a good day!

Top of the morning to you hunnies! Just had a nice and warm shower, it's colder outside today again but at least it seams to be a sunny day. I have a latte in my hand and I was thinking about showing you guys a little video clip of our latest toy later on.  Today I will be modelling for Malin and she's gonna give me a bride make up. I'm really looking forward to see her skills and I think it will be a very nice morning.

Later on I'm gonn call mr G up again and try too book a photo shoot ASAP and also try to get some studying done. I can't loose it now this close to the end. Gotta. Stay. Focused! Apart from that I can feel hos things are starting to fall into what I want them to be. I'm an expert in getting what I want sooner or later and this makes me feel a whole lot less guilty.

Still a bit too tired to know but I feel like this has all the potential of being a good day!


Just for the record:

I'm writing an erotic story with Simon and he's a natural I must say. Well apart from the little detail that he uses the word "penis" which make me think of something like this:


Just got a very nice call from my friend mr G. I love to speak to that man, it always gets my mood up and inspires me alot. Today he had two job offers for me and I'd looove both of them but it's a bit tricky with the little time I have as it is. But what I do have time for is a photo shoot some of these days hopefully and since I'm gonna be modelling for make up artist Malin I'll allready have the make up done for the shoot. Feeling a bit better now and really looking forward to Barcelona since I also spoke to mr Ibiza himself who says Barcelona is his second home.

What can I say? We like.

Rosabaya, truffles and Biscotti!

Aahh I'm so happy my dad got the Nespresso machine. It almost feels lika a present for me since I'm the one who drinks more coffee than anyone in this family. We just tried it and it makes awesome latte macchiatos. My new favorite coffee is the Rosabaya Colombia, mm-mm-mmm! We also tried some of the biscottis and truffles he got from me and they were great aswell. My entire body hurts so I think I'm just gonna watch a movie now and relax, I feel sort of empty, like when you have been crying for hours. But I haven't cried, think I'm just very very tired and maybe a bit pissed off at a certain person. Anyway, movietime now. See you guys later and sorry for my bad blog-mood...

This is the machine but we have an even better model... Me love!

Get well soon!

Back home and so freaking tired. I can really feel the roof-climbing and the bowling in my entire body and we're still not done with the snow. Daddy got a really nice Nespresso machine so now my morning lattes will be more fancy then ever. Love it!

Now to something else. I want to send a big hug and some positive energy to my dear ex boss and friend who's hospitalized thanks to a stupid infection in his knee. Hope you get better soon!!


Now - Up on the roof. Again...

I'm off.

Short pit-stop at home after the bowling to get the cake. What can I say? I won one and lost two games haha. Not like in Spain when I kicked five guys asses! Well, now I'm off for real until tomorrow. Love ya'll.

Except YOU dickhead.
Who the f*** do you think you are to hurt her like that?


Happy birthday daddy!! 50 years old and cooler then ever before. This man has inspired me in so many ways and I'm so much like him, you can't even imagine. He taught me so much and is my biggest idol ever. He got really happy when I gave him his presents. Apart from the fika-stuff he also got a trimmer that he needed (he looks a bit too much like Santa right now) and some fishing stuff from his friends at work. Soon we're off bowling a bit with the family and after that a nice dinner at my grandma's. There won't be much blogging today and I hope you don't hate because of that! Family always comes first.

Have I told you how much I hate the snow? We've spent the entire morning on the roof to get the heavy snow away before we don't have a roof anymore. Pfff. Why do people choose to live in this country?! Thank God I'm off soon. Well, I'll just put up a little video of me so that you don't forget about me. See ya soon darlings!

Before you watch it!
This was probably my favourite number of the entire summer as an entertainer. It always got the audience going and I could freak out and really express my happiness. Barcelona won EVERYTHING that season and I got to really rubb it in the faces of all the Manchester fans AND look at the waiters face haha. He's a huge fan of Real Madrid and a great friend of mine. I loved to tease him when I did this number.


Birthday present

Finally I have it! The birthday present for my dad. Since the family is giving him some fancy Espresso Machine I thought I'd stick to the theme and give him fancier things for the "fika" (yes, even my dear international readers know the meaning of the word fika). So I ordered three packages from Sendly.Se with different kinds of Biscotti, truffles, Kahlúa bombons and loads of other nice things. Hope he gets happy now!

Simon, the hunk from Manchester

LADIES! (And of cours my lovely gay readers!) I have a special treat for you. His name is Simon, he's from Manchester and he's 23 years old. I met this amazing guy in Stockholm when he was studying here a few years ago and we had a short but amazing time together. We became very close friends quickly and made loads of things together. We ice skated, partied in a library, ate dutch honey cookies, saw Wyclef Jean, watched the Lucia parade in Skansen and of course partied together sooo many times at Café Opera. This guy is very dear to me and he's not very positive to this blog since he just came out of a very intense relationship so ladies be easy on him please.

- I never ever EVER want another relationship in my whole life EVER. Too much trouble!

See? It's a tricky one but I'm sure there's some girl out there who likes running, hip hop and The Sopranos.

And you better be nice to him or I'll personally come and bite you!

Stupid Posten

Bah... So tired of Posten right now. First of all my stupid order came one day late. Thank God I ordered 2 days too early, otherwise he'd get his present next week. But don't think that I have the package yet, no no... Since I wrote my dads name (since HE is the birthday kid) I need his ID to get the thing out. Nice surprise now huh.

"Daddy I need your ID"
"What for"?
"Nah.. nothing special.."

Pfff... Well well, I'll just have to get it later on and somehow I got a bag filled with candy with me. How did that happen?! No idea but I'll eat it up quickly before someone takes it from me.

At least he hasn't seen this little gift... 

Which room should I choose?

Today I had planned to sleep all day long BUT of course I woke up at 11 when someone rang the doorbell. It was a friend of my dads who came over with a present for his birthday tomorrow. Sweet of him but couldn't he have waited until like 2 instead? Well now that I'm once awake I will be freaking out over an sms that MUST come today. It also has to do with my present for my dad and if that message doesn't come.. well let's just say I'm screwed.

I've gotten two emails about rooms to rent. One is a few kms. from the city centre and I'd share it with a young couple and their baby of 8 months. Hmmm... Maybe not. The other one is better located, closer to the centre but a bit more expensive and compared with three girls.

AH! And now I got a third email. YESSS! My dream-room that I found yesterday. A small balcony, it looks clean, the kitchen looks pretty nice and the best: it's located 2 minutes from Las Ramblas. I love it and I want it. Happyface now!!

Leggings fetishism

I'm looking around for a flat to rent in Barcelona and found some website where people rent out rooms. And this guy, 39 years old rents out a room that he describes very carefully. So far so good. And he only rents to girls and they have to be clean, responsable and (here it comes) must like to wear leggings at home.

"Alquilo una habitación a una chica , que sea limpia, responsable y que le guste llevar mallas ( leggins/lycras) en casa."

HAHAHA can you people believe this?! It also says that the beds are separated and not one more weird word but hello? Leggings? What kind of fetish does this dude have? Should I go for it? I don't smoke and I defenitely love leggings hahaha...


I'm exhaaauuuusted!! 80 minutes driving, off to Kicks to buy some necessary stuff, stressing over a sallad for lunch and back to the school for a 4 hour course about drugs, alcohol and other stupid stuff. Phew... Finally I'm back, have gotten something to eat and now I think I'll cuddle down to some good movie and a nice cup of tea.

And by the way... The test is BOOKED now!
Such a nice feeling!

Drugs, Alcohol and a dripping nose

Good morning ladies and gents! How are we today? I slept like a pig tonight, maybe a bit too good 'cuz I woke up with a headache. And today is not a good day for headaches since I have an 80 min class now at 10.15 and later on the second compulsory course about drugs, alcohol and that kind of stuff. I'm gonna try to be positive about it since the course we did two days ago was loads of fun but I find it very hard to believe that this is gonna be any fun at all.

"Oh really? You are not allowed to drive when you've taken heroin"?!

"Ahaa, so when my buddies ask me to drive them home and I'm drunk I'm NOT supposed to get in the car"?!

Maan... This is gonna be interesting.
And yes, my nose is still dripping.
Just in case you wanna know...

Check me out bitches

How do you like my new hair style? Think I'd make one hot punk chic! I'm wearing one of the new black tops as you can see and it's sort of weird 'cuz it fits perfectly on the right arm while the left one feels a bit tight. Maybe it's because of my huge muscles on that arm..? Or maybe not. However I DO have a class tomorrow after all. There has been a lot of changes lately and my head's spinning with all dates and things to do but finally I will drive tomorrow at 10.15. Yessss. Check out my shades aswell, kinda close to my dream-ones huh? Aaand while you guys are anyway checking me out you can take a look at the new black pearls (Jack Sparrow style..) in my ears. Yes, bought them today at Glitter. And last but not least - Don't forget to comment and tell me how hot I am. That was all, ta-ta.  

Wanna Party?

I went to get a little package that came for me today. It was my order from ASOS and now I'm the owner of two new black tops and a pair of cool pantyhose. I watched the movie Arn the knight templar before and yes, it was worth seing. Not awesome but great for a brainless and sick person like I am today. That's why I'll watch the seccond part now. So... Wanna party with me..?

Ukulele boy

Don't know if I'm soooo 2009 or something but I just discovered this adoooorable little man on Foki's blog and I laughed so hard I almost peed myself.

I'm yours. Unbeatable.. and look at tha faces he makes hahahhaha so damn CUTE!

And some Obladi-Oblada aswell... The boy is a huge talent!

Carrera Safari

I'm a BIG sucker for sunglasses and these are my new cravings. Carrera Safari, guy model but I'd looove to wear them.The ones I have at the moment are very much like them but these are way cooler and way more expensive haha. I can't enter this website without going bananas. Love it!

Pitty party...

Back home again, my throat hurts and I'm tired as hell. Think I'll go to bed and watch the first movie about Arn. Have you seen it? Is it worth seing? Well, if not I'll tell you later. Any sweet person out there who wants to come and give me chicken soup and take care of me? I'm such a boy when I get sick. Time for my pitty party. Later! 

At Momo's

Sitting at Momo's now with a smooth latte to calm my poor throat that is not feeling good at all. Made four tests at the school, passed three and failed one but the criteria here is harder then at Vägverket so I'm feeling pretty confident anyway. Think I will keep on writing on my erotic stories now, otherwise C will get ahead of me and we can't let that happen right?

Cancelled class...

Aarrrrrgghhhagagagag... Sms from B. at Grönlunds:

T. is sick so no classes today.

Are you like old and boring when you get angry about cancelled classes?
Someone please shoot me.

Nostalgic early bird

A few weeks ago I could wake up at 11-12 every day without any problems but these days I have to drag my ass out of bed early like..WORKING people. Haha, nah but I'm still not really used to it and mornings like this are hard for me, I'm such a night owl. But I guess today is better then tomorrow when I have to get up at five. Yey...

HOWEVER! No more whining, what are you guys up to today?
I have a class now in the morning and I think I'll stay at the school for a while afterwards to study a bit and then maybe even go and buy some more stuff for my dads birthday. He deserves the best.

After posting the picture of me and David yesterday I got a bit nostalgic and looked through some other pics from summer 2009 and found this cute one of Josie, me and Ander at Cheers.


Mallorca in Feb?

So Jackie and Patrik won then... Nice for them even though I think Erika is one cool cat and I'd like for her to win it. Now from one paradise to another - Mallorca. I just got invited to my soulmate and amazing friend Davids birthday in February. It all depends on when I take my test and if I go some other place very far away like I really want to but there is a small chance that I will go home to my Mallorca and party like crazy that weekend. He was there on my 20th birthday, now I wanna do the same for my dear Murci (bat in spanish).


Us before one of many foamparties this summer

Think I'll go to bed now, I'm exhausted from all the concentration today and I got a lucky phone call a while ago telling me that I can drive tomorrow but at 8.45. Eeeaarlyyy... So, nighty night peeps ♥

Me and Felipe as Danny Zuko and Sandy

And the winner is... GREASE!

Before you watch the clip I have to explain two things:
1. This was our comedy show Star Medley. It's not a serious dance show, it's all about improvisation and acting to make the audience laugh a bit.

2. All these performances are about 50-60 seconds long so the ones that were up next had about that time to change from one costume into another. Imagine the chaos backstage and understand why we sometimes came out half naked or with the wrong costume on...

So that was Grease by me and Felipe and after you could see a bit of Anela as Elvis. What do you think? Not very serious or professional but man, the crowd loved us!

Model jobs for next week

I'm back and I'm alive! Was soooo much fun sliding around on that ice today that I almost didn't care about the long trip to get there. Everybody I know that allready have their licence told me this is the most funny moment of the training and it was so true. Great experience and you realize how little it takes to die or get seriously injured. Crazy! Back home I had a nice dinner with daddy and then I got a nice phone call from Malin who wants me to model for her next week. I'm really looking forward to it, nice to do something else then just driving or studying all the time.

Well, now I'll start cutting a bit in the videos from our shows at the hotel this summer and soon you will see the result of your votes. So stay tuned people, I'll be right back with ya!

Your personal PIMP is back!

Ladies (and some of you guys aswell of course!) I present to you my spanish friend Víctor! This is every girls dream. He's a real gentleman, a dj and an excellent business man. Of course he likes adventures and knows how to make a girl feel wanted. He lives in the capital of Spain but is thinking about coming to Stockholm to study (yes, he's got great grades) so beware all you ladies, soon you might run into this hottie. Anyone interested? Just holla and I'll hook you up cuz I'm a mother******* P.I.M.P!

Vote vote!

Buongiorno! I just woke up and my throat's a bit sore. I cannot, I repeat, CAN-NOT get sick right now. Need to stay in shape and in total focus. Today I have my Halkbana and I'm gonna be stuck in stupid Gilling all day long so I won't be updating the blog very much BUT if you keep on voting for what you wanna see me embarras myself as I'll post the clip when I'm back. As you know you can chose from:

1. Diamonds are a girls best friend
2. Grease
3. Lola

I just might post my hunk of the week before I leave for Gillinge.
Later peeps.  

What can I do to please you masters?

Time for me to sleep now. New record again today, you people rock! Is there anything I can do for you? Give you breakfast in bed? Strip? Sing? No, forget the singing but maybe a little striptease?

Jesus Christ, I'm too tired for this now, don't read this please.

I think I'll post some videos tomorrow from this summer when I was performing on stage. NO I did not sing but I danced a whooole lot. What should we start with? Diamonds are a girls best friend? Grease? Maybe some Pasión Latina where I played the showgirl Lola?

YOU people decide!!

"Sing with me muchachos!
Once more withe feeling!
Watch those bouncing melons...
Y otra vez aquiiiii!

Could you be the reason?

Very nice to see Giuseppe again! We had a loooooong fika at Lavazza, so much to catch up on and I got to discuss my favourite topic - tennis of course. I'm back now and I've got some stuff done and had some dinner. I should try to go to sleep early today since I have my halkbana (a compulsory course about driving on ice that we people here in lovely Sweden do every now and then) tomorrow and I have to drag my ass all the way to f****** Gillinge, worlds end more or less. Am I looking forward to it? Ehm.. Sure!

Now to something else. I don't know why but I've started to listen so much to RnB lately. I usually don't listen much to that genre of music but these days I'm penetrating my speakers with Akon, Sean Kingston, Lil' Wayne. Chris Brown and Pitbull. Madness but I love it. Maybe I'm just in that sexy-sensual-party mood at the moment?

As Akon would say:
Could you be the reason why I'm loosing control..?

Castells Videoblog nr 2


Chocolate and italian kisses

Allright you little junkies! We have Chocolate as a strong winner. You guys seem to be crazy about it haha. But we also have nail polish, cigaretts, horses, boyfriends, noodels, tea and shopping. I like!

I just had a nice shower and washed out all the spray I had in my hair from this weekend. I feel like 2 k's lighter now! Later on I'll meet with the Italian lawyer and my dilemma is: what to wear? Should I go for the laid back style with some cool tank top and my new glossy jacket or should I be little miss fancy wearing a suit?

I'll make you guys a videoblog later on aswell!

(kisses in italian hihi)

Tell me!

Good morning sunshines! Today I have a heavy ToDo-list to go through and I didn't sleep too good tonight so I'm not in my best mood today. But I have decided to turn it around and make something good out of this gray and boring day. But you guys always come first you know! So today I want you to interact with me. Talk to me! Tell me all your dirty little secrets. Let's start with this one:

Do you have any addictions?

Like I said a few days ago, crisps are my biggest drug. But I also can't live without French fries, pyttipanna and black dresses. Come on now, tell me what your obsessions are!

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