Me love Sean Kingston

It's really nice to see how many people actually read my blog even when I'm this lazy and not active at all. I love you people, leave a comment and let me know who you are! It's been a veeery calm day today, have been in bed all day long speaking to a very very special person. I haven't had anyting but time for the last few months but suddenly it seems like time is running waaay to fast for me. WHY does February only have 28 stupid days? I need some time to get my shit together and do all the things I want to do before I move to Spain. Crazy!

Gosh how I miss the Flower Power party at Pacha Ibiza!

Tomorrow I'll most likely have a coffee withn my italian friend Giuseppe the lawyer. Was a loong time since I saw him so it's gonna be nice to catch up a bit. What's not very nice though is this weather. DOES IT REALLY HAVE TO BE THIS COLD?! Pfff. Right now the name of my drug is Sean Kingston. His songs gives me such strong summer feelings. I loooove it and the best ones right now are Facedrop and this darling, Me love:

Me love Me love!

Narcotic in Red Room

People I'm alive! But I do have the headache of the century thanks to yesterdays party. It was just as crazy as expected and I had loads of fun. Miss DJ-Playboy Colleen Shannon performed and yes, she was one hot piece of ass but as a DJ..? Naah... I prefer my house God David Pirzadeh and our lovely Charlie-boy who played in Red Room where there were no limits what so ever. Emanuel and Charlie had done a great job as usual and everyone was having so much fun. Me and Feli were freaking out with Niko, Viktor and the other guys and the party reached its climax when Liquido - Narcotic went off. Maaaan me and Viktor got the whole place jumping hahah. Sick. 

I've loved this song for sooo many years now...

Happy face Castells


HAHAH I'm going through loads of old pictures. In most of them I'm around 15-16 years old and I have only one question: Was it really OK to look like I did??

Why oh why didn't someone stop me? HOW could I find myself so attractive back then? Jesus Christ give me a break hahha. This is painful!

This is one of the OK pics. Me in the blue team jacket and sweet Ella!

Things I hate to love. Part 1

I have an addiction. It's not smoking. It's not drugs. It's not extreme sports. It's crisps. I love them. I can't live without them on weekends. I try to close my eyes when I pass them by at the Supermarket but I find my way to them even with my eyes closed. I can smell them. I can taste them in my mouth even before I open the bag. I love them. I love them. I love them. And I hate that I love them.

Damn you...

Check your smoke detectors!!

Tonight is the night. I have a serious feeling that this is gonna get so out of control, so insane and so amazing! But first I have some stuff to do. You know, trimming eyebrows, polishing nails, a little exercising to feel fit and so on. Will take all day! Nah, just kidding, I'll do it in an hour. I'm so not a girly girl in that way. Instead I will check for some picture I want to print out and maybe join daddy to buy some smoke detectors since it's quite obvious that the ones we have are not really working haha.

A few days ago we had a smaller accident when we started a fire in both our fireplaces and apparantly the chimney didn't like it cuz the smoke came into the house instead of outside and the stupid smoke detectors didn't say one word. Great! So people, don't forget to check your smoke detectors every now and then! XXX

Fingers crossed

Waaaaaaahhhh awesome feeling.
I loooove good contacts and once again I LOVE FACEBOOK!
Gooosh...  This could be so damn good you can't even imagine.

Fingers crossed...

Jesse the human flag

When I was working in Mallorca this summer I got the opportunity to meet this very impressive character. Jesse the Human Flag! He had a very appreciated show at the hotel every two weeks and was the first professional show we had for the season. The kids looooved him and so did the adults. This is a clip of his training for the human flag Guinness World Record. I find him totally amazing. What do you people think?


Castells Videoblog bitches!

Hahaha enjoy people and remember: DON'T take me too seriously!

Barcelona and Gillinge - Check √

It's a nice feeling when you get important things done. I called Barcelona up and they told me they'd wait for me (daah, who wouldn't? KIDDIING) and we'll do the interview 22/2 instead. Sounds perfect to me, gives me time to get my shit together before it's time to get out of here! I also booked the course at Gillingebanan that I need to take before I can do my big test. But how can it possibly be so freaking expensive to get the license in this country?? It's incredible! But I don't really give a shit at the moment, just want it NOW.

This is what I bought today!


Vero Moda and H&M. The white one will be gorgeous to some tanned legs this summer and the jacket is cool and very part, just as I like it. Well well, back to my tests. Later guys!

Time to focus

I'm back from a short but intense trip to our fantaaaastic (feel the irony) shopping mall here in my hoods and I realized even before I entered the boutiques that I'd have to hold on hard to my credit cards today. I had THAT feeling. And yes, after some serious writing over a nice sallad and the seccond latte of the day I spent some money on stuff I really don't need but wanted badly. Now I'm back and my room is perfectly clean. Very nice!

Now it's time to get down to business. I have a very important call to make down to the southern parts of Europe and then I'll study a bit. I'll show you later what I bought today. Now - Focus!

I ♥ Facebook

I haaate waking up this early but it get's a bit easier if you have someone nice to skype with! Today I have some stuff to do. I really need to study a bit as usual but I also want to escape the house and sit down to have a Fika while writing a bit. I feel inspired today and I need to get it down on paper.

And oh! I ♥ Facebook! Today I found someone I've been looking to find for aaages! Wonderful Lombi from Argentina must have created his FB-account very recently since I've searched for him about a hundred times but I never found him. Today I found him by coincidence, reading a comment on one of Monacos pictures. Maaan am I happy now? I had soooo much fun at Mute with this man and even though we don't really agree on everything regarding soccer (well if you're actually an agent in Real Madrid I get that you support them.. well at least almost) we had an amazing time together!

The best memory I have is probably in his craaazy car with Lopez and his friend in the back, racing down Avenida 9 de Julio in Buenos Aires, soooo ready to party like crazy. That was probably one of the best nights of my life. And one year later, I found the man. YESSS!!

On my way to Mute last December...

Back from the movies

Back now from the cinema and yes, the movie was allright. Jude Law was more then allright but I must say Robert Downey Jr. wasn't that bad either. Quite the opposite actually! Had some nice tennis discussions with Niko and our favourite subject was the fascinating Marat Safin, a man you can keep talking about forever since the stories never end. However, a very nice night and now I'm exhausted and in a serious need of some sleep. Gotta get up at frikkin 8 o'clock tomorrow AGAIN because of the cleaning lady. Ufff... Good night peeps.


Barcelona here I come!

TODAY I finally got the answer I was waiting for. What can I say..? I know they loved my CV, I know I will rock that interview and I know one thing more:

Barcelona here I come!

Now - Movietime with N.

Sherlock Holmes and Super Saturday

I have a cinema-date tonight with mr Niko. I have no idea what so ever to see but I thought of Sherlock Holmes with gooorgeus Jude Law. Oh likey likey, I'll do him like a truck! Nah, but what do you people think? Anyone seen it? Is it worth it? Or should I just pay more attention to my date than to mr Law?

Aaaaah and by the way I just got the BEST message from Feli!
"Guess who's warming up Amba on saturday"?

Yeeeeeessss my hero and probably the best DJ of Stockholm, David Pirzadeh himself. And after that Charlies and Emanuels crazy party in Red Room. This saturday could be something out of control. And we like it sooo much!

Yes yes YES! 

Your personal PIMP

Ten hours of heavy sleeping and I'm still exhausted. I need to get out of here... But I'm awake, I have my latte and I do have a pretty good mood today. I will be more active here on my dear blog today, yesterday I was a bit too busy but today I'm back babes. A few days ago I talked to my dutch friend Arjen who's suddenly a model and all sexy and shit. Well, he's always been one hot guy but gosh, seing him on that runway makes me think of the good old days in Mallorca where we just hung out on the beach and at MTV. Maaan, should I have made a move back then or what? ;)

Well ladies, he's all yours! What do you think?
Should I hook you up? Cuz I'm a mothafucking P.I.M.P!

Roses and memories on fire

I just burned a several years long collection of roses. I felt sad but at the same time relieved. These are roses I've gotten from people all over the world and the most beautiful ones were the most painful ones to watch burning. But it's time to let go and move on... Once you were the only one but not anymore. 


Isn't that beautiful..?

Feeling the same way all over again...

Finally I got to see my Blåbärt again. Maaan was it long time ago or what? More then three years ago but absolutely nothing has changed. He was just as gorgeous as usual and I remember now why I had such a crush on him before. We had a coffee but decided to go to his place and hang there and so we did. And yes, everything was the same. The sofa was the same, the shower was the same and the tea pot was the same. Best tea ever...

Will miss ya!

Innocent seducer

I'm off on my mission now.
Have a great day!

Too cool for school but still up bloody early...

I haaaate waking up this early. I don't understand how I did it during my old working and school days. Ufff. Today I'm not in a very good mood which I should be, I have some niiiice plans for this morning and later on some driving. Yes I know I told you yesterday that I was gonna drive at 8 am but I was wrong, it's tomorrow that I need to get up even earlier AND on friday since the cleaning lady is coming at 8. Meaning - This weekend I'll be sleeping like a baby. Gahh... Anyway, now I'm up and have a latte in my hans so I'm starting to get it together finally. Now a quick shower and som make and then I'll be more then ready to face this mornings task.


Tickets to DC

Yessss finally! Tickets to Davis Cup, Sweden vs. Argentina - CHECK! So far I've only booked for saturday, mostly because my dearest Feli can't make it on friday but I'm seriously thinking about going anyway. There's always some fanatic I can hang with and if not, well then I'll just hang with the Argentinians haha. At least they are just as crazy as I am. But now I have one problem: Who to cheer for?

Sweden, my dear country of birth?
Argentina, where my partyboys comes from?

Well, I guess I just have to go for Sweden but ONLY so that they can meet Spain sooner or later. That would be a dream coming true. Anyway, soon soon I'll se my booooys and nobody's happier than me right now.  

Who's gonna win this beautiful trophy this year..?

Inspiration please?

God I have no inspiration what so ever today...
What to write about?

I'm one cool cat

I'm getting closeeeer... Not much left now before I can book my test with big T. Was so nice to hear that, sometimes I feel like there's no end to this shit. I just want the damned license now, I don't even need it but now I'm close enough to fight a little more and then... Mwahahha you guys can't imagine how I will enjoy just having it.
The only good thing about the cold is that it's sunny for once and I got to wear my sunglasses. Yeah, everything is so much cooler behind a pare of shades. 

Oh likey likey...

Too cold to function

New record again yesterday, Haleluja people! You guys rock ♥

I just woke up and I can't describe in words how tired I am. Me eyelids keeps falling down and my body hurts. Bloody closet, it's your fault. And checking the outside temperature made me wanna go back to bed and not come out until may. -15?!? I mean please. If it wasn't for that stupid license I'd be on a damned flight to Argentina by now. But I have to try tp be positive, otherwise this day will be a lost cause before it even started so - happy thought, some breakfast and a shower. But people, I have one question for you today!

: If you could choose anywhere in the world to go to - where would you go?

THE closet

Before - After

Finished! Yesssss....

Now - time to sleep. Nighty night!

Aqua Aerobics instructor

Almost done now with the closet, just putting that last clothes in it and then I'm finished, finally! When I was looking through all the clothes to see what to keep and what to give away I found my beloved bikini. It smelled of chlorine and I got the strongest flashback ever that has absolutely nothing to do with my bikini. I just remembered all the mornings that I had classes in Aqua Aerobics this summer at the Ivory. There were mornings I just wanted to shoot myself instead of jumping in the cold water but once in there I actually loved it. So nice to see all the ladies, older and younger, giving it all to the music while doing MY choreography. There were many proud moments in that pool this summer. I miss all you ladies (and the few men who actually did it) so much!

Look at that smile... Happiness!

Beep Beep

I love this commercial for Audi R8. I'd kill for this car and the song is so good! Big thanks to Freddie who told me the name of the song, now it's on repeat on my Spotify-list. Simone White - The beep beep song.

In ya face daddy!

I'm about to throw the whole damned thing out the window right now. Why can't the bloody doors get on their right places?! Why does it have to be so freaking difficult? Gaahhh.. I'm taking a break now, having a piece of cheese to calm down. Called my dad before and he just laughed at my misery and called me a "girly girl". Hmpf, that was before I even got the boxes together and now I HAVE to finish the doors before he's back. In ya face daddy!

A little help please?

Seriously..? I thought I was pretty handy and good at this kind of stuff but right now I'm startin to wonder. Am I stupid or is it actually possible to make TWO boxes with six pieces each when you have eight pieces in total..? Please tell me there are a few pieces missing, otherwise I'll be very embarassed...


Update: HELL YEAH, I'm good! And totally stupid. It's a great thing to check the correct instructions. It wasn't even the boxes I was looking at first. Clever girl! But now I found the right instructions and two boxes - CHECK!

Robert in town!

Gosh, I haven't even started yet. I got stuck here in a very nice conversation. Apparantly my gorgeous friend Robert is here on a visit from London where he lives now, dancing and singing. And the thing is he want's to see me tomorrow! Maaan have I missed that guy or what? I think it's more then 3 years since I saw him last time and I so remember what a huuuge crush I had on him back then... Ouuff, this will be interesting. Anyway, gonna be awesome to see my precious little Blåbärt!

In a splendid mood today!

Good morning all you beautiful souls out there! I just woke up, still totally tired but in a really good mood so I just told myself: get your ass out of that bed, you have a closet to finish! And here I am waiting for my eggs, no work without a good breakfast, right? Apart from that I have to study a bit today. What are your plans for today my sweethearts? Come on, tell auntie Castells!

Sometimes I just have to...

My favourite vampire

Right now I'm talking to a certain Vampire and no, it's not Edward Cullen for all you freaks out there. It's the one and only Vampiro, my dear south american friend whom I haven't spoken to in forever since he got himself a girlfriend. I told him I was outside White Room last night and thought of that night when we argued for half an hour with the bouncer who finally let him in hahaha. "Just because he's Argentinian and he KNOWS me". He's talking about playing here this summer and since I'm allready planning on going with Feli to see this years tournament, well then this could be so damn good. And how I've missed those expressions:


And that's exactly how it's gonna be when we meet again, just as always

Castells the pear!

Have you guys noticed that I look like a pear?
Well, at least if you ask my ex colleague who told another ex colleague of mine who told the pear herself. Honestly I think I haven't laughed this hard since I saw The Hangover, I mean.. a pear?!
"Big ass and no boobs" was her explanation to that.
If that's a pear well then I guess I am one. One fucking hot pear!
Jeez girl, give me a break sometime will ya?

Small boobs - Check

Heavy closet

MY BACK!!! Pffff... It's killing me. The closet is heavy, believe me. Just to carry it from the car into the house with help from my dad made me completely exhausted. While I made the dinner daddy started putting it together and he's still not finished. But we're done for today and now I'm just gonna relax and tomorrow I don't have any driving to do.

Oh likey likey, I do it like a truck!

Ouhlala, I'm gonna be a model!

I like to log on to Facebook and see things like this:

I KNEW someone would discover me as a model some day! Haha nah, but I'm rally happy to see this and I'd love to take some pictures for his brand Ouhlala. This is a friend of my family from France who works in Mallorca and the clothes are really cool. There's just one thing to say - Ouhlalaaaa...

New closet!

Ouuff my head's spinning, I can't think straight and my body hurts but still I managed to go to IKEA with my dad and buy a new closet (there's no space what so ever in my old one) and a new thingie to put the laptop on. But now comes the trouble... I have to get the damn thing up. Wish me luck people...

Good vibrations at Amba

Buaaaahhh what a night.
First of all a very nice dinner and soccer at Felicias. We also made amazing raspberry drinks and celebrated Barcas win over Valladolid. Later on MAD-NESS at Ambassadeur, I'm not sure I've ever seen that many people in that place. Crazy but crazy fun! Just like last saturday the awesome DJ played and I freaked with Lambada, 500 miles and You can call me Al. At the beginning it was just me and Feli like in the old days and I was in my best party mood. I even kept a promise and told a certain guy that he is bloody awesome, just like I'd promised I'd do if I would see him there. He just gave me that cool smile and I let it be, the poor guy probably gets that phrase fifty times every night.

However, later on my pretty little friend Nikola showed up with a friend and we went to the other room to look for another of their friends. And suddenly there we were going charter bananas to Swedish hits as Bästa Schlagern and Bra Vibrationer. Maaan I laughed my lungs out! After a trip to Red Room where we met Emanuel, Charlie and the other boys we left for a trip to White and Grodan but too many people and too many drinks made me wanna go home to my bed and so I did.

I got a feeling...

Now: FC Barcelona, dinner and drinks at Felicias.
Soon: People, party and more drinks at Ambassadeur.

I got a feeling...
OUFF vad taggad jag är. 

I'll take you to the candy shop

This picture is about one year old but it shows exactly what I'm doing at this very moment. Yes indeed, some serious candy eating. What do you think about the colour of my hair? I'm really tempted to go brunette again but I also know that as soon as I'm off to the sun again I'm gonna go back to my blond colour. Hmm, what to do?

Off duty groupie!

Yesterday I ordered some stuff from Asos.Com and today I'm wearing this little t-shirt which is also from Asos. I love it for some reason. Hahah, wonder why? In ya face people talking shit about me ;)

Work at Cacao..?

I woke up with a strange feeling this morning. Like I was a bit hung over but still in a crazy party mood. I guess I was just tired since I didn't party at yesterday even though I did go to bed quite late. The reason I couldn't sleep was that I was considering an interesting job offer. Apparantly there's a free space behind the bar at the Cacao Pub in El Arenal. You people who know me knows that this is a bar where I've spent maaaany nights this summer and the last one (like you could read about yesterday). I know this place like my own pocket and it is a very interesting offer. But at the same time I really want to start up a new life in Barcelona and not get stuck in Mallorca one more summer. But it's defenitely worth to think about.

Doni - Andrés - Miss Castells

Trip down memory lane...

I'm reading texts from an old blog I wrote during 2008 and I just realized that July 2008 must have been one of the best and most intense months in my entire life. First up we have my little trip to Båstad. Tennis and party 24/7, life couldn't possibly get any better.

... Han var på väg till hotellet i bil från flygplatsen och skulle anlända runt två. Well, drink efter drink beställdes in av Marat som levde upp till sitt rykte om femlitersvodkan och champagnen på spelarfesten i Paris. Jisses vad vi drack! Mojitos (extra starka till mig när Charlie beställde), rosa pantrar (föra året-nostalgi) och nån appelsinsmakande smörja. Mot slutet fann jag mig dansandes vilt på ett halvtomt dansgolv till Paul Simon - You can call me Al med Giorgio och Potito, galet nice.

After that crazy week I went to Mallorca but just for a few days. Then I took a flight over to the white island Ibiza where I met the one who later one would mean more than most people to me. I also partied like crazy with a Saudi Arabian prince and looooved the Pacha Hotel.

...Prinsen var sjukt trevlig och vi utbytte både seriösa deeptalks och lättsamma skämt. Han var inte på något sätt skrytsam men berättade skrattandes att de hade haft en fest i deras lägenhet kvällen innan och grannarna hade klagat så han hade hyrt en svit på Ibiza Gran Hotel för en liten efterfest. Ville jag hänga på? Ptja.. Varför inte?

And after Ibiza I went back home to Mallorca where I continued partying at MTV and Cacao, met my best friends in Palma and got to know worlds nr. 3 in Moto GP - Dani Pedrosa.

...Vi höll precis på att avsluta huvudrätten när ett sällskap på två män och en något yngre grabb dök upp. Den yngre kändes märkligt bekant och jag högg Yolanda i armen. "Är inte det där...?" Jo, det var det. Dani Pedrosa, Spaniens kung av Moto GP och ledaren av hela VM fram till hans otäcka krasch för några veckor sedan i Tyskland. Gissa om han hamnade två bord bort med ansiktet vänt mot mig? Rätt. 

That was probably the best summer of my life so far. Totally amazing and all those memories I'll carry with me forever. Maybe maybe I'll have that kind of summer this year aswell...

Goodbye Sweden

My dad after an amazing goal by the German player Holger Glandorf:

- Glandorf, that's the guy from The lord of the rings, right?

And that was probably the only time I laughed during that game. So sad to see them lose like that, by one stupid goal. But hey, Germany has a great team and they know our swedish players a bit too well for us to surprise them. Bye bye Sweden, now my heart is fully with Spain. As usual. Why does it have to be so hard for Sweden to be good in any freaking sport?!

Easy night in

I just ordered some nice stuff from Long time ago since I bought something from that website but I've always been satisfied with the things I boguht from them. I went shopping some food with my dad and now we're back, cooking a really nice dinner. Ostrich medallions with potatoes made in the oven and chili bearnaise. Mm-mmm-mmmm.

Tonight there's no party for a change, instead I'll watch the swedish game of handball and just spend some time with my dad. But first - dinner!


Take me to the Caribbean

I'm soooo sick and tired now of this cold and depressive country and I really just want to get ooout of here! There are so many places I wish I could go to right now but I really need to stay in this city and drive, drive, drive. My test is getting closer and closer and I can't take a break now. Otherwise I wouldn't hesitate to go to Thailand or on a sailing trip through the Caribbean with my friends at ScandSail. Check it out, doesn't that look amazing? Just chilling around the islands, eating hummer by the beaches, diving and shopping at the Caribbean market places. What a dream...

I'm on a spy mission...

Just talked to a dear friend of mine who's playing DC now in march and we exchanged some more info about the upcoming games. I feel like a spy haha! Once again, I looove inside info but can I trust him. And can he trust me..?

C - P

Beautiful Nightmares

Hunnies how are you? I've had a good nights sleep until this morning when I started dreaming the most bizarr things. I was in an elevator accident but was able to escape before it crashed to the ground completely and the snap to the next clip where my love Felicia blew water up my nose for some unexplicable reason. And after that I had to attent to some trial that I missed and I knew it would get me in to loads of trouble. I hate when there are loose strings in dreams, like what did I do to get into that trial? Why did Feli screw my nose up? And so on...

I woke up with a light headache BUT I just took one of my magic Gelocatils so I'm just waiting for it to disappear. Since I don't have any classes today I'll just cuddle down and watch Rafa Nadal vs. Philip Kohlschreiber on Eurosport. And what is the "obligatory" thing to say when Nadal plays? The one who gives me the right answer will get a link and a big kiss!

Later peeps!

I ♥ Alex Ubago

I'm in my bed, tired as hell. Think I'm gonna try to sleep a bit earlier today. Out of my speakers comes the beautiful voice of my favourite spanish singer, Alex Ubago. Please listen to this even if you don't understan spanish. It's an amazing and very sad song called Temblando ("trembling").

Ain't that beautiful? This one's called Mil Horas ("a thousand hours").


I just can't get your image out of my head.
That curly hair and those strong arms.
How you sound when you sleep.
How you sound when you're everything but asleep.
The frustration. The passion.
The way I feel when I'm close to you,
as a spectator or as the centre of attention.
I don't regret one moment but I wish I'd never met you.

Game set and out Ferru

I survived and I didn't kill anyone today! Pheww... A bit scary though to drive in the city center, sooo many things to keep in mind. But it went pretty good actually and I'm proud of myself. I also cut my hair a bit and I got it exactly as I wanted it, thank God! When I came home I watched the last set between my dearest Ferru and Baghdatis who fought against cramps in both his legs but still kept it together and won. Very impressive but I am so sad, I really thogught Ferru would go far in this tournament. But that's tennis...

Is it just me or is driving seriously tiring? I'm mentally exhausted right now and I think I'll have a short nap before I continue on my erotic story. Baci!

Don't even ask...

Ivanovic vs. Dulko

Ana Ivanovic - Gisela Dulko

I'm not that much into the female world of tennis but I was really surprised when I heard that talented and gorgeous Ana Ivanovic lost against another very beautiful ladie, Argentinian Gisela Dulko who apparantly was the better one today. It somehow feels like I know miss Gisela since I've heard so many interesting stories about her from other people but I don't. But what can I say? These two ladies knocks Sharapova right off the court with their beauty!

Bobby I need you!

Guten morgen meine Lieblings! I'm sitting here, waiting for my eggs while drinking my latte. Today I have a class as usual and after that I think I'll try to get my hair cut. I have no appointment (and no, I don't know Bobby) but I'll just see if there's any drop in spot free. Yesterday I went to buy the third book Eclipse in the Twilight saga but it was out of order. Annoying since I recently finished New Moon and I'm really curious about the next one.

But enough of me people, what about you guys?? What are you up to on this beautiful(?) thursday? Tell me all the dirty details!

Bohemian Rhapsody and clean sheets

The naked and tired truth... I have changed the sheets in my bed while listening to Bohemian Rhapsody and now I'll go to bed. Alone. Again. Today you guys beat the record again, more visitors then ever and the day isn't even over yet. Thank you lovely people! But where are my haters? There has to be someone who disagrees with me or think that all my blabbering about boys is just pure bullshit? Hit me! While you're hitting me I'll sleep because tomorrow I have to drive in the city centre. Hahah BEWARE STOCKHOLM! If you see a white and green car who's acting VERY weird, don't worry, it's just me. Come and say hi instead of beeping at me haha. Good night ♥

Erotic stories and singin' pussies

HAHAHAHA look what I found on beautiful Emmelists blog! It's so sick and so freaking funny I peed myself five times while watching. My goodness... Please watch!

Now I'll try to calm down by taking a shower, my hair's a big mess and really needs some serious taking care of. Don't forget that we have another exciting game of handball tonight, Sweden - Poland, and I hope my dearest Lukas plays just as good as he did yesterday. But before the game starts I think I'll write a short erotic story for what's hopefully gonna be a small upcoming project with mr. C. What do you people think? Am I an erotic person? ;)

I ♥ Gelocatil

Wooow I found something while cleaning! My beloved Gelocatils that I bought in Spain. Now we're talking GOOD pills against headache and believe me, there are days when Alvedon, Ipren and other shitty brands can do absolutely nothing. Thank heaven for Gelocatil baby!

Impossible snow

Honey, I'm home! Have I ever told you how much I HATE the snow? Impossible to walk, impossible to wear nice shoes without freezing your feet off and more importantly - impossible to drive normally. It's just bumping around on the smaller roads and getting stuck every now and then. Pfff. Anyway, after all the driving went pretty ok and afterwards I bought some nice clothes. Now I'm back and I don't want to hang around here right now, I really need to clean my room. Smell ya later peeps!

Ingredients for a GOOD morning

Heello my darlings! Like I said yesterday; today I'll get my life back on track and I had a kickstart when I woke up 20 ( twenty!!) minutes to eight instead of 8 o'clock as I was supposed to, and I am even feeling good! How 'bout that for a change huh? What makes me even happier are two things:

1. YOU guys ♥ I can see your starting to rise in my statistics! Who are you people? I'm so flattered you take your time to read my messy thoughts and opinions. Keep it up and maybe leave a coment to let me know you even better..?

2. An email from the one my heart truly still belongs to, even though it sometimes seems he's given it back to me. It was a short message, not saying very much honestly but it was a sign that I'm still on his radar and that is all I need to know for the moment. 

Besides that there's a little bird singing outside my window and it gives me the first tiny hint of spring feelings as long as I don't LOOK outside because it's bloody snowing again. Grr... Instead I'm watching the TV where my buddy Del Potro just won the first set against the American James Blake. I'm really looking forward to see him aswell in Sweden for Davis Cup in a few weeks. 

Well, gotta get changed now. Today I'll drive again and after that I think I'll do just a tiny little shopping aswell. I'll see you later my gorgeous readers. Mwah Mwah! 


Come sleep with me

Time to sleep now peeps. Tomorrow I'm gonna try to get my life back on track again. I know, it's not monday, it's wednesday! Is it even possible to start on a wednesday? Well I'm gonna give it a try. I have to activate myself a bit and f***** DO something. Have been waaay too lazy lately. I also need to clean my room big time but that's another story that repeats itself every three-four days.

Oh crap... HE just got online, live from Melbourne. Damnit. Memories. He's off for some breakfast now but assured me that he'd rather go to sleep with me. FUCK. Why oh why? Don't want this now. Or.. Yes I do. I want you now, here with me. I sleep so good with you. I'll just have to pretend then. Whatever, nighty night!


Aaahh soo frustrating to lose by one simple goal. Damnit! But well, that's life and they'll be back on it again tomorrow against Poland. But it was amazing to see Lukas play, maaaan he was good today! Just so sad he couldn't get the last ball in aswell. Now I gotta go back to Paradise Hotel. What can I say, Pontus is bloody hilarious hahaha!

Where's that happiness?

A bit of sleeping, dinner and some chitchatting with my dad and I feel a bit better. I just realized this morning that this is the first time in a long long time that I have nothing going on with anyone. No flirts, no fooling around, no one that I'm thinking about more then five minutes/day. The only one my heart is beating a bit harder for is in a country far, far away and I refuse to think about that at the moment. I think that's what makes me wake up feeling melancholic, that's what gives me a constant but very light pain in my stomach. But at the same time I think it's good for me to be alone for a while. Don't go around hoping for someone or something to happen.

That was one happy day.

Anyway, today we have another big event going on. The European championship in handball my friends, and Sweden playes Slovenia tonight. I'm really looking forward to see what Lukas can do tonight. Keep an extra eye on him, Lukas Karlsson #8.

Top Chef

Looks a bit better then yesterdays lunch, don't you think? And this tasted even better! Scrambled eggs with herbs and my home made shrimp-garlic-yogurt-mess! Mm-mmm-mmmm... I feel a bit week today, I really hope I'm not getting sick or something but I think I know whats up. I'll tell you about that later, now back to bed with my book. I'm not human today.   


Todays class went pretty damn good actually and then I made two theory tests and nailed them too. I'm getting more confident now and it doesn't seem that impossible to achieve my goals anymore. Just keep on fighting a little more. Now I'm back and extremely tired and unwilling to do anything. Think I'll just make myself some lunch and cuddle down in front of the tennis. Kiss kiss.

Hahaha that's funny!

Marcel won!!!

Waking up at 8 o'clock is NOT my cup of tea but today it didn't matter and I think you know why? Tennis is the answer people. And what did I say? Marcel Granollers did the "impossible" and defeated the God of all Swedes at the moment, Robin Söderling. WAY TO GO Marcel, vamoooosss! I'm so happy, this is a guy who really deserves it. And of course my two other boys won their matches so everything is just great at the moment.

Yeah, what to do Robin? You're OUT!

Now I'll just drink my coffe, put some clothes on and go racing a bit.

"Good night and good luck"

Tired is my name at the moment so I think I'll go stright to bed but fiiiirst I'd like to wish loads of luck to these guys:

Marcel Granollers who playes Robin Söderling. You CAN do this!
Potito Starace for being my one and only hermano!
David Ferrer for being who you are.

Now I'll continue reading New Moon and then get some sleep. Tomorrow I have some serious driving to attend to. Big kiss to all of you!

A little help please?

Allright now I really need your help! My dad's birthday is coming up, my old man is turning fifty and I want to give him something nice that he'll remember. Have been looking around on Sendly and Liveit but I can't find anything thats feels like wow, that's so him. So tell me now, what would be the perfect b-day present to you fathers?

Help me out now guys!

Dancando Lambada

This is a song I've loved since I was just a kid but I've actually never seen the video until now and I love it. The DJ who played at Amba this saturday was really great and he played this one among many other oldies that I love. Yes, I freaked a bit and started dancing Lambada as some mental psycho, or at least I tried... I don't think it looked as good as the people dancing in this video. It's such a feelgood-video and aren't the kids just adorable..?!

Ai ai aiii, Dancando Lambada!


Maaan... 62 correct answers out of 70 on my preparation test and a fat failure. But it is going in the right direction at least and that's a good thing! Back to the books...

Time for some lunch...

Yes, I am eating this right now. Yummie, huh? It's tuna, yogurt and som herbs. Tastes great but it looks DISGUSTING!

Studying in front of the TV?

Comfortable win for my dear homie Rafa Nadal against Peter Luczak, 76-61-64, and he's through to round two. Right now I'm reading some very interesting emails that could be the first step towards my new future and soon I'll take the next step by answering this email. Oh and have you ever tried studying in front of the TV? I promise it's great! Never learned so many stupid signs (driving theory) as this morning in front of the tennis.

Australian Open!

Hallelujah people, today is one special day. Do you know why? It's not my birthday, it's even better. It's Australian Open my darlings! Meaning tennis every morning now for two weeks (and every night for you vampires), could a morning get any nicer? A warm latte and Nadal, Pico or Ferru on the screen? Don't think so. Time for some latte now, later peeps.

How to marry Leo Messi...

Amazing game by Valencia tonight. Poor Villareal could do nothing against the bats. 4-1 and a beautiful goal by my eye-orgasm Ever Banega. Daaamn there's something about those argentinians... And that, my friends, brings us right to the first one of Castells Conspirations!

Here's the deal: The 12-15th march I'll be in Barcelona for the Barca-Valencia game and during these three days I'm planning on proposing to Leo Messo OR in case I'd fail I'll have Banega as a backup. The question is just how to get there. Maybe I'll dress up as a maid and go clean Messis hotel room? If I can just get to him the rest won't be a problem. Help me out here people, I'm counting on you guys!

Anyway, after the soccer we watched some snooker (yes I know I'm a huge nerd) and that lad O'Sullivan is one amazing player. Everytime I watch snooker I see him playing. I love big talents, there's nothing more attractive then someone being great at whatever he/she does.

And I'm awesome in looking tired...

I'm gonna shit my pants

Hahahahaha I just died laughing. Hilarious remake of my godess Lady Gagas Bad Romance. U better watch it, most silly ever but so damn funny!

Snabba Cash and snabb pizza

Oouuff... Back home after some movie-watching and pizza-eating, in other words - a splendid day. What can I say? Snabba Cash is a great movie and Pizza Hut is a great restaurant. My head is still spinning and hurts like hell but what the hell, I'm used to it now. Now I'm gonna keep this father/daughter-day up with some Soccer. A bit Valencia and some Camerun will make the perfect finish of a great day.

You spin my head right round...

Top of the morning to you people! I'm not really on top today, thanks to yesterdays drinks. Maaaan my head is spinning but whatever, my own fault. Today I'll spend the day with daddy. There will be some serious cinema-time, dinner and soccer. A sunday couldn't get much better. What are your plans my lieblings?

Slightly more sophisticated

Tonight we take the slightly more sophisticated look to Ambassadeur.
Let's party peeps, it's saturday!

Flower Crisis

Living alone with my dad like I do at the moment has it's ups and downs. One of many ups is that we leave eachother alone. I do my stuff and he does his stuff, it's almost like living alone but you have someone there in case you want some company. A big NO-NO about us is the flower-part. My dear mother has.. let's say "a few" flowers and other green stuff growing around the entire livingroom. This little phenomenon sometimes causes smaller problems for me and my dad since we're not THAT very good with flowers. Today we realized it was very much about time to give them some water and suddenly we were both involved in a huge project where he ran around with the pot full of water and a towel in the other hand to wipe off the floor with and me running after, sweeping away all the leaves that fell down. Mom, you better come home if you want your flowers to survive!

Baby I know how to fly...

The ultimate preparty contains this little tune. Maaaan I love Akon and Pitbull is also a great artist so the result of these two togther couldn't be anything but awesome. Feli's on the phone right now and tonight my friends... No Mercy!

Now watch me shut this thing DOWN!

Missing the stage

Man sometimes I really miss the life I lived this summer. Especially all the shows we did. Sure, it was a hard job and we worked our asses off literally but it also had its good moments, and those moments were great.

Me and Felipe in Johnnys Mambo.

Good morning saturday

Short but nice girls night out yesterday. I got to practice my splendid italian when some dude told me that I was "bellissima", I also laughed so hard I could barely stand straight up after mine and Felis not so discrete entrance at Ambassadeur AND on top of that we got a nice little chat with our favourite bartender. Well, got home very early and we'll make up for that tonight, no doubt about it.   

Rockn'Roll baby!

Tonight we're taking Rockn'Roll to Ambassadeur bitches!
See ya'll there!

In progress

I just sent a few emails that might change my future. Apartment and job in Barcelona, here I come. Thank god I have Mario there as my rock to lean on in the storm. I love good contacts! But what happened to the studying I was supposed to get going with today..? Back to the books.

Appartment in BCN

Today is one of those days where I'd planned to be really efficient and get loads of things done. Sadly I woke up waaayy too late and that feeling that I had in my body last night is totally gone. Instead I want to cuddle in bed with some candy and New Moon, the book I'm reading for the moment. But no. No candy until tomorrow and no reading. I need to wash some clothes, study a bit and then my friends, search for an appartment in Barcelona. But first - Breakfast! Toodles.


Shannyn Sossamon

Shannyn Sossamon - pure beauty! I love the looks of this chick and tonight I watched her in The rules of attraction. That's one sick and twisted movie but I sort of liked it somehow anyway. It's worth seing just because of her. Pretty pretty woman!

Give me a ferret!

I'm so amazed by these crazy and adorable animals. I've wanted a ferret for several years now but haven't been able to get one since I'm planning on moving soon and I really need to settle down before I get an animal like this. But how cute aren't they seriously?! As soon as I know where to live I will buy myself one of these little crazy things.

I ♥ Guardiola

Yesterday at ten I thought I'd be a good girl and go to bed early for once. Then I remembered that Barcelona was playing against Sevilla in Copa del Rey. So much for the sleeping. Instead I watched one of the most frustrating games I've ever watched. I could say it was the goalkeepers game. Pinto wobbling around everytime he had the ball at his feet but for some miraculus reason it never ended up behind him. Sevillas goalkeeper Palop on the other hand did absolutely everything correct the whole game through yesterday exept for one time when Xavi in frustration, very beautifully forced the ball in. But they needed the seccond goal that never came and so they lost one of all the titles they were supposed to defend this year. But as the absolut best coach in the world of soccer, Pep Guardiola, says: That's sport and I am so extremely proud of my players.

I adore you amazing man!

Are you really happy?

I saw a picture of the kid, you and her... So what are you, the happy family on vacation now? Tss, I remember all the things you told me about her, what a pain in the ass she is and her obsession with you. And look at you now, the perfect father, just like I knew you'd be. But are you also the perfect boyfriend?

Is it all just an act?
Are you really happy?

And you, my dear dear friend. Have you also walked over to her side? The dark side? Or just the obsessive side? All just a big act for the little ones sake. She's adorable, just like her dad. How I wish I could meet her just once. The worse thing is the knowing that I could end it all, just by snapping my fingers. 

That's the power I have.
That's how week you both are.

But don't worry, I won't burst your perfect little bubble. Not for hers sake. Not for you my dear. But for the kid. She deserves a good life.  

And I am not a backstabber!

Barely awake...

People I'm awake! I'm not sure that you realize how amazing that is but to drag my ass out of bed at 8.30 is a big success for me. I just have to get used to it since my coming classes will start at 10.15 and not at 12.30 like I'm used to. Oh well, just a little more time and then I'll have that license.

What about you guys? Any big plans for today?
Lateeeer // ♥ C

Is it just me..?

Too bored to sit here now and sick and tired of waiting for someone interesting to show up on msn or Facebook. Is it just me who's stupid enough to seriously sit and do nothing, just hoping for that very special person to show up? Please tell me there are more silly souls out there being just as miserable as I am. Please..? I'm gonna go wash my hair and read a bit instead. See ya'll tomorrow!

Puppy eyes..

Men vs. Women

I've never really given much thought to how different men and women are except from the obvious parts, like we've got boobs and the guys have their little thingie, but the last few days I've spent a lot of time thinking about how weird guys can be sometimes. Don't get me wrong here, I love men, probably more than most women haha but right now I'm so confused. Please, please guys explain a few things to me:

♥ How can you even think of flirting with other girls if you are married?! I can understand an innocent flirt if you're in a relationship that maybe hasn't lasted that long but how can you walk around, talking about your "girlfriend" when she's actually your wife and even try to hook up with other girls?

♥ How can you sit close together with a girl at a fancy restaurant and tell her how special she is, thank her for always being there for you and tell her how much you need a girl like her. All this on the first date and then a few days after be cold as ice or at least totally egoistic and only talk about yourself, not caring at all about her?

♥ How can you start a sexual relation with a girl and not make the rules perfectly clear for both parties? Eventually someone IS gonna get more feelings and soon there will be problems. Why not just make things clear from the beginning and TALK about how you feel along the way?

Once again, boys please explain this to me, I'm dying to know! 


Inside information

Just got some inside information regarding Davis Cup for team Argentina. What can I say? I love Davis, I love inside information and this could be good. SO damn good... Can't wait!

New week, new lifestyle!

Ladies and gents! Nice to see that you've found my dear little blog and I hope you'll come back every day. Allright, you don't have to but you're very welcome back. Today I'm a quite busy woman. Have some driving to do and more importantly som studying that I have to get going with. But first of all - Breakfast! I've just startet a more healthy way of living (this Monday, like every Monday haha) and step nr. 1 towards a healthier life is a good breakfast. Later peeps.

Recently married..?

Just for your information I'm from now on a married woman. Yes I know, it all happened very quick. He's name is Pedro and he's a portugise guy who happens to be pretty good at handball. According to him we're now married. I always thought I'd be one of those tennis-wifes wearing some baby pink Lacoste shirt following my man to every tournament ESPECIALLY the grand slams, but no, maybe handball is my thing after all? However, portugese is one funny language and it's nice with some practice! Here he is, the smiling one to the left.

Amor de minha vida!!

And please people, don't take me too seriously when I'm this tired please.
XX / Mrs. Solha

Stupid February

So much to do, so little time. Well actually that's not true but the problem is that I want to do it all at the same time. I wish I could give february like 40 days instead of just 28 silly days. Here are some of the things I would like to do:

• Watch Sweden - Argentina in Davis Cup live
• Go to Rome and watch Simon kicking some ass in the Marathon (and ofc. see all my italians!)
• Go back to Barcelona to look for a place to live and perhaps a job?
• Get my bloody drivers licens now, and I mean NOW!

And loads of other smaller things but these are the big ones. Davis and the Marathon is in march and hopefully I will have my licens by then. That is actually why I'm still in this cold and depressing country.

Tik tok...

Here we go!

Allright, here we go again. New blog, new language and new adventures.
It's still under construction so don't hate on it too much.
Enjoy people!

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