Beach life

Hello boys and girls. Today we're gonna talk about father and daughter relationships... Hahaha have you heard that song by Eminem? Anywaaayy, today I've spent the whole day on some island I don't remeber the name of. It was kind of a stressy morning since we woke up like 45 minutes before the last boat should leave and we needed some Starbucks BADLY. So I ran in while my friend got the tickets and the Starbucks guy was like: "Aah hi, ice mocha, no cream right"? Hahaha. Someone wasn't very happy about the cream a few days ago and the poor guy remembered it too well. Anyway, we made it to the boat and spent the entire day on the beach with two huge piña coladas and some fresh fruit. Awesome.

The last boat back was at six. Or so we thought but when we got to the place where the long tail boat was going to pick us up to get us to the bigger boat they were all gone. But once again, Thai people are the most friendly ones in this world and a few phone calls later we were suddenly on a jet-ski (whooooaaaa I loved it!) that took us out to the boat where the poor tourists were waiting for us hahaha. But what can you do if you're VIP baby? Hilarious.

When we got back I ran downtown to do some shopping and found myself a pair of flip flops (the ghost stole my other ones..), a bag, some jewelery and a cute dress. I had dinner at The Coffee Club where they had great food, great service and excellent coffee, just as their slogan says. Now I'm back home and dressed up in a hoodie and sweatpants but the stupid mosquitos are having a feast on my feet so I guess I didn't fool them this time either. Tomorrow we'll go to some other island and I think we'll stay the night there so I'll talk to you as soon as I can. Kisseees.


I ♥ Baby tigers and monkeys!

What an(other) amazing day! Woke up really late thanks to our McDonalds session in the lobby at 5am and got ready. After a looooong ride we finally arrived to the tiger farm 45 minutes before the were supposed to close and maaan did we have fun in there?? I got to hold an adorable baby tiger, some baby crocodiles and cuddle with some cute Bambies but the absolute best part was when we found the monkeys! My goood, they are such intelligent and adorable animals and the guy who worked with them was a sweetheart and let us cuddle with them for a good while since we were the only ones there. I had so much fun I didn't want to leave. But we had to since it was getting dark and we wanted to head back for some dinner.

We ate loads of seafood, fish and other great food at a really cool buffet place with only thai people. Now I'm sitting here again, I just came back from a crazy but wonderful massage down the street. She pulled my arms and legs in the most strange positions with an excited "wooow" everytime I could stretch more than she expected. I had to tell her I was doing loads of gymnastics when I was younger but she was still really impressed haha. Now I'm just waiting for some movie company and then I think I'll call it a night.

Now ain't that cute??

Dolphin rides and McDonalds in the lobby

Sorry for my non existing updates people, it's just that life here is too good be blogging about! Nah kidding, of course I'm gonna tell you what I've been up to. Shopping, tanning, eating and sleeping people. And some sex in between aswell. That's what makes life worth living you know. Was almost about to go and see Jake and the guys at Koh Chang the other day but sadly it wasn't possible after all.

Today we were supposed to go to some island but we missed the boat so we went to some nice beach over here instead. Apart from that I've been getting a face massage, gotten my nails done and visited "the gay guys" in ther magnificent apartment for some balcony climbing haha. Right now it's 2am and I'm sitting in the lobby waiting for some McDonalds delivery. I just had a dolphin ride in the pool and some diving classes. Top that of you can!

Life's pretty good you know...


Looove the beach life. Yesterday was another amazing day in paradise. Woke up early, caught the best hours of sun and went shopping in the afternoon. Found this cool mall with looooads of nice stores in it. Was walking around in there for hours and hours before I went back home. Dinner at some italian restaurant and a good massage after that before falling asleep to some movie made the perfect finish of a great day.

Today I've been down by the pool for a few hours and soon I'm off to the mall again for some more shopping. Koh Sichang is great but I need some change so I might go check out the Jomtien beach soon and aswell Koh Chang where Jocke and the gang are hanging out. Sorry for the lack of pictures in this post, stay tuned and I might post some more later on tonight. Big sunny kisses from Sichang!

Bodies and an amazing sunset

Yesterday I saw something I never wanna see again. We were driving along a road and suddenly I saw some shoes in the middle of the road and a bit further ahead I saw a body on the street. When we got closer I realized it was not just one person but two. I'm not gonna tell you the details but it was a horrible thing to see and I was like a zombie for the rest of the night. Please people be careful in the traffic, that was probably the worst thing I've ever seen.

Anyway, enough sad stories. Today I've been in the sun all day long working on my tan and also said my proper goodbyes to two people I will never forget. It wasn't without an enormous pain in my heart that I stepped into the water that once killed so many people. But I finally made my peace and I feel relieved now.

By the way, have you ever had dinner on the beach while watching an amazing sunset?
I have and it looks something like this:

Waiting for my date Candy

Love life when it's this easy. Have been walking around this market today but didn't buy much. Thise days when I spent loads and loads on faked Gucci bags or Dior scarves are behind me. Instead I tried to find some cool or different things but I honestly didn't find much. Bought loooads of eyelashes for my dear Feli though and a pair of flip flops for myself since mine are in Spain. Have been chilling by the pool for a while and now I'm just waiting for my dinner date to show up. Her name is Candy and she's got a HUGE dick!

Hahaha take care peeps.

Sawasdee Kaa!

Whaaat up bitchiiiis?! After a nine hour (one hour shorter than expected) flight I landed in Bangkok where some fancy car picked me up. The driver was a crazy but cool thai who must be related to Schumacher. We drove and drove until we reached our final destination and here I am now. Sitting by the pool after a long long day. Been having drinks watching the sunset, wrooooming around on a crazy ass bike (yes mom I had a helmet on) and eaten a great pesto pasta.

I had almost forgotten how incredibly polite the people are here. I love it, so nice to get a friendly smile wherever you go. Oh well, now I think I'll take a short swim in the pool and maybe watch some True Blood. Oh and did I mention I love it here?

And off we gooooooooo!

Peeooopleee! I'm all set and good to go in a few minutes. Touchdown in Bangkok at midnight (6am over there) and then anything could happen. ARE YOU WITH ME?! Of course you are. Don't forget to leave some sweet comments so I feel loved when I log on next time ok? Kisses to all of you sexy ass mofos!

Tomorrow Thailand

All packed and good to go. I'm sooo excited! Last time I was there was six years ago and tomorrow I'm off again. Off to THAILAND people! I'm steppin off the plane in Bangkok and from there we'll see where my adventures will lead me. Hopefully to some really nice place where I can relax and just live my life. I really hope you'll follow me on this trip aswell, I promise to update as much as possible. See ya tomorrow before I leave for the airports darlings. Besitooos!

My buddy Zlatan.. Or?!

I'm up early today. Had planned to start fixing for Thailand allready yesterday but I was too tired after Barcelona. That means I've got LOADS to do today. Gotta wash some clothes, repack some stuff and do all those thing you gotta do when you go on vacations. I just better get started right away.

Oh and by the way! Apparantly I could have been hanging out with Mr. Zlatan Ibrahimovic saturday night. Carlos from Penya had been texting me all night when I was at Marios begging me to come over to their place but I didn't answer right away. And so yesterday when we met at the airport again he just handed over an envelope with an autograph in it. Later I got to know that they had met up saturday night. But honestly I don't really care. If it would have been Messi (or actually any other Barcelona-player) I'd probably kill myself right now but Zlatan? Naahh..

Anyway, very sweet of Carlos to think of me! Gracias!

Great weekend in Barcelona

Wow, I'm completely speechless. Yesterday I saw my Barcelona kicking Valencias ass and my true idol Leo Messi scored all three goals. Such a feeling to be there, I can't even descibe it. I was so so so happy. Well, that was sunday. Saturday I spent walking around all day long and after another great dinner at El Chipirón I went over to Marios place for some pre-drinks and some "piropos" (pick up-lines) with him, an italian dude and an argentinian guy. Gosh, I laughed so much!

"Hey babe, with that ass you can come and shit at my place"

Disgusting but so bloody funny. We went to a place called Roxy and dances our asses off to some reggaeton, salsa and other commercial stuff. Great night! On sunday I watched the amazing game and after that I had dinner with my dad before meeting up with Manuel for some drinks in the Raval area. And so today we went back to Sweden and here I am in bed, just relaxing a bit before I start packing my bags again. This time for THAILAND!!

Just before entering Camp Nou

My my my Messi ♥

Manu was showing off his amazing piano skills in the park..

Chill in the park

Maaan have I been walking today?! Feels like I've seen the entire city today, first walking around with my parents and then now in the afternoon with Manuel and Javi. We went to the park in Ciutadella to chill in the sunshine for a few hours. I met some sweet girls and another crazy couple and I have such a great feeling about moving here with so many nice people around me!

Tonight I'm having dinner with my parents somewhere and then I'm off to Marios to check out his apartment and for some pre party. Tonight it's fiesta loca here in BCN. Oooh yes we like it! ♥

Delicious dinner and a cozy flat

Hey there sweethearts! Just a little bit tipsy over here but before I go to sleep I wanted to write you something. It's really nice to see that people actually read my shit even when I'm not very active comenting on your blogs. Thank you! Just came back from a fantastic dinner at Chipirón down in the harbor. Tapas, Paella and the most delicious Crema Catalana I've ever tasted! And wine. Loads of wine. Big thanks to Carlos who made the reservations, it was really great.

Earlier today I went to check out an apartment down by the Barceloneta beach. The place was nice and cosy and the people living there seemed great. Maybe maybe they'll be my flatmates soon! Well, gonna try to get some sleep now. Carlos and some other guys were going out for some salsa which sounded tempting but I woke up at 4 am so I'm pretty exhausted.

And now there's some creepy dude checking me out here so I better get going to bed...
See ya tomorrow!

Direct from Barcelona

Darlings I'm sitting in the lobby of our hotel here in Barcelona. The flight was ok I just have a really bad headache at the moment. Had some lunch with my dad and my mom who's here visiting us. As some of you might know she's living in Mallorca right now and I haven't seen her since christmas so it's really great to see her again!

We also had a coffee at Starbucks and my dearest Manuel was working. So great to see that smile again! Now I'm back at the hotel checking some stuff for tonight. I might go and check out some apartments over here that I might rent and there's also a big dinner for Penya Barcelonista de Suecia tonight so I'm in a bit of a hurry right now. Will write some more later.

Besitos desde Barcelona! ♥

Tomorrow Barcelona

People I'm going to bed now. Gotta get up at 4 am tomorrow and then at 6.40 we take off for BARCELONA. Will you join me there? Of course you will! See y'all tomorrow from Spain. Besitos!

HOT Calvin Klein commercial

HOLY COW!!! Just saw this Calvin Klein commercial and my jaws litterally dropped to the floor. Jesus f*cking Christ. Girl you better watch this but beware... It's HOT HOT HOT.

Oh and by the way... Should I mention I actually said no to one of these guys or does that just make me the most stupid chick in this world. My lord...

Where's the routine?

CHAOS in my room and in my head right now. Clothes, jewelery and make up all over the place. Phones, cameras and iPod's charging in every corner and two huge suitcases in the middle of everthing. Like Feli said before: You've been travelling soooo many times before, WHERE IS THE ROUTINE?!  Well I guess some people never learn.

Music Challenge

So much to do, so little time! Today I have to get serious about my bags, I'm freaking leaving for Barcelona TOMORROW! Can't delay this any longer now. While I'm packing I'm listening to music as always but today I thought you'd be interacting a bit more so I have a small challenge for anyone who wants to participate!

This is how it goes: Open iTunes, Spotify or whatever other favourite playlist you got. Choose three songs that remembers you of a special moment, a good one, a bad one, when you fell in love or whatever. Write the titles down on your blogs and a short explanation to why you choose these songs. A plus if you link to the song aswell. Like this!

Beatles - All my loving link
When I was working in Mallorca I worked with a chick whos surename was Ismailovic. My best friend David, a spanish guy who tried his best to talk English even though it didn't always come out perfect, once took her hands when we had lunch and started singin: "Ismyloving, lailolailolaaa" and I died laughing.

Pink - So what link
I was working for Telenor and my hilarious friend Elin told me she knew someone who sings: So so what, I am still a rockstar, I got my ROTMOS... Hahaha

I want it that way - Backstreet Boys link
After a crazy night at Soap Bar in Stockholm they played this one as a closing song while they turned the lights on. Me, Massimo and my other italian people made a great show singing along to the entire song very beautifully (?).


I just watched Drömmen om Italien where my ex boss and his girlfriend are competing against four other couples. The price is the rights to run a Bed & Breakfast in the small village Lapedona and could they possibly have picked a more annoying mix of people? Everything for a good TV-show of course but jesus christ, sometimes I get scared for real.

It was no secret that me and the little lady in charge of the employees (the girlfriend) never got along that very well but all our differences apart - how on EARTH can you possibly leave a few months old kid at home, running off to Italy for ten weeks?! Well people THAT is something I couldn't possibly understand.

Way to go girl!


I saw some pictures of them and the memories punched me right in my face.
First I smiled.
Then I felt like crying.
Then I held my head up high and realized:

Those are some beautiful memories but it was over such a long time ago.
I have moved on.

Nails - Check!

Back from Nagelhuset with gorgeous nails made by cool Nina. She seems like an older version of myself haha and maybe a little bit wiser. Great girl, great nails. Now I'm gonna eat some brunch and watch an episode of True Blood. There's just something about vampires that sucks you in. Litterally!

Am I becoming a housewife?

Uuuff... It's still wayyy too early for this little madmoiselle to wake up but I gotta get my nails done today and the only time she had free was at 9am. So here I am, still in bed as you can see, with my coffee and not really ready to embraces this sunny day just yet. By the way, am I becoming a housewife? These are my plans for today:

- Get my nails done
- Go to the solarium
- Pack for my weekend in Barcelona and for two weeks in Thailand
- Relax and do nothing

Very housewifey-stuff isn't it? But I guess that requires a hard working man aswell and loads of dirty secrets? Well, all that's missing is the husband and then I'm good to go! Smell ya later honeys.

Please let me buy some tickets!

Back from a very nice (and cheap!) coffee and loads of girl talk at McDonald's with Feli. How I love that girl, she's so bloody funny, inspiering and the best friend anyone could ever have. Tomorrow I'll get my nails done at her favourite place and I can't wait to have as perfect nails as she always has.

Well now to something more interesting(?). I just applied for some tickets for the UEFA Champions League final at Santiago Bernabeu. Could we possibly be that lucky that we get to buy (yes haha it's to be able to BUY) tickets for the final that my Barcelona HAS to be in? Would be a dream coming true! Let's all keep some fingers crossed, thank you very much.

Now it's bedtime for this little miss.


For some reason (don't ask me how!) I agreed to meet Feli for a coffee later on. Nothing wrong about that since she's my best friend and I won't be seing her for a good while now, so far so good. But to meet her for a coffee at McDonald's Globen because it's cheap when I spent quite a disgusting amount of money on CLOTHES today is beyond my level of understanding. But hey, it's the company that counts right? McDonald's - Here we come!

Clever girl...

Back home after some hours downtown. Malin made som really pretty pom-pom's in my hair instead of the make up I thought she'd put on. I looked like I was gonna get married within a few hours haha! I also passed by "some" stores and picked up "some" stuff. I found the shirt I was looking for but not a man model after all. Found a nice one at Bik Bok but big thanks to Simone and Modeinspiration for your help! Apart from that I bought a baby blue dress, a tighter shirt, earrings and some lingerie (maybe I find some hot thai dude to show off for?).

I also realized two things today:

1. You're pretty stupid when you shop BEFORE going to the cheapest country ever.
2. You're even more stupid when you try to pass the bars to the subway by using your credit card. Twice.

I know a girl who made both these things today but I won't mention any names... 

THE shirt!

Safari Tuesday

The sun is still shining so my Carrera Safaris are ON baby. I'm off for some shopping and to get a pretty face, as always by my personal MUA Malin. I'll be on the phone so LET ME KNOW ABOUT THE SHIRT! I know there are some serious fashion freaks out there, now help me!!

Baby blue shirts for men please?

Guten Morgen sweethearts! I'm up early today but it's ok, the sun is shining and I'm in a great mood. I'm gonna keep on packing for Barcelona and Thailand but first I need my coffee badly. Later on I'm off to MIST again, and perhaps I'll look for some stuff I need for Thailand too. I want an oversized shirt but a guy model. It has to be baby blue and white. Any ideas where I can find this shirt? All you fashionistas out there show me what you got!

Now - Latte.

Packing problems

Trying to plan my packing for Barcelona and Thailand but it aint easy people! I really don't wanna bring too much to Thailand and I will only be in Barcelona for four days so I won't be needing much there either. But it's heartbreaking to leave my shoes at home and since it was great weather a few days ago in Barcelona but SNOWING (ehrr, euw!) today I have absolutely no idea of what to bring.

And by the way I just love ASW. Getting to know such interesting people and great contacts for Barcelona. Amazing. Anyway, now I'm off to bed since I have to be pretty tomorrow when I'm off modelling for Malin again. Nighty night peeps!


I spent a few hours at the hairdresser today.
She evened out my colour a bit and the result is very nice.

My life is perfect

I can't believe how great my life is right now. This friday I'm off to Barcelona to watch my FC Barcelona play Valencia at Camp Nou. I'm gonna look at some apartments that I might rent and relax with my family. Perhaps I might party a bit aswell, would be nice to check out SOLO. And then back on monday and already on wednesday I'm off to Thailand for two weeks of... Well let's say pure happiness. I'm so happy right now you can't even imagine.

Now - off to the hairdresser

Sunshine makes the peferct start of a perfect day

The sun is shining and my thermometer says it's 5+ outside! Is that true?! Woohoo, happiness. I'm gonna try to get my hair done today, I really need to put some new highlights in it to even out my color a bit. I like that I have so many different blonde tones in it but it's getting a little too much now. After that I might shop a bit and just enjoy the sun.

Secret mission

Before the game started yesterday I was on a secret mission with Feli at Undici. We went in, focused on the target, used our irresistible charm, got what we came for and escaped as soon as we got the chance. Masterminds working in perfect symbiosis like Bonnie and Clyde. This, my friends, is the result of our mission.

By the way, how do you like my new header? Awesome? Crappy? Tell me!

Bowling and driving

Physically and mentally exhausted right now. Me and daddy went to Heron City and I kicked his ass in bowling twice before my right arm took a long time out and he kicked my ass right back twice. Oh well, feels good to beat him in something, I usually don't stand a chance. We passed by some big outdoor store with loads of fishing stuff and I thought he'd go bananas in there but of course it was the shopaholic herself (me..) who came out with some stuff that I think I can have use for in my jewelery making. I also drove us all the way back home and we just almost died once so that felt good.

The tennis fever is BACK!

Aaahh people save me! I've got the tennis fever again... I told myself I'd make the best out of yesterday even though nothing worked out as planned for Davis Cup and boy did I have fun?? Argentina won the doubles and I really tried to cheer for Sweden but I just couldn't help cheering even more for Argentina. They were having so much fun both on and off the court and isn't that what sport is actually all about? Having fun? The stone face Swedes are just so damn dry and boring some times.

After the tennis we went to Feli's place for some cheese, carrots and dip while watching the weirdest Barcelona game in a long time. What happened?! Guardiola got a red card and so did Zlatan which means I won't be seing them live next week when I'm in Barcelona. Oh well. The worst part is that Madrid won and now they're leaders of la Liga. Damnit.

Feli crushed in the sofa and I went back into town again too meet some people at Undici. What I didn't know was that almost the entire staff from Stockholm Open was going to be there. Some people I was really happy to see and some others I could have done just fine without. But the night was great. I had so much fun with Patrik, Richard and my new homegirl Carro but the best thing was when two girls came and told me that they don't support all the talking about me and said I can hold my head up high since I've always been honest and never hurt anyone. Felt so damn good to hear that, thank you both ♥

Sorry for so much text but I really felt like writing it all down.
Now - Bowling with daddy!

Reeaaally old pic of me and Patrik at Hotellet 2007

mobile blog


Tennis chick

Allright so today is the day I've been waiting for for sooo long. Now it's finally here and I feel. Nothing? Anyway, let's make the best out of it. Davis Cup, SWEDEN - ARGENTINA doubles, here we come!

Night at the Opera

Heavy night at Café Opera yesterday... Me and Ella had a drink at Friday's before we went to Opera where we parked our asses by the bar. Apparantly we must have been smokin' hot since we were suddenly surrounded by like ten groups of guys from different countries. There were Dutch, French, Argentinias (or so I thought pff..) and so on. Nice to chitchat a bit but when it got too much we left the place, still on top.



All the crazy shit I did tonight.
Those will be the best memories...

Memories - David Guetta ft. Kid Cudi

It's 03.30 and I am going to bed. Right. Now.

Café Opera

People I'm off for some drinks with Elinor and then Café Opera. Do I see you there?!

Welcome to the jungle

Loong but funny day. Three hours of hair and make up and half an hours shooting. We made some quick changes and went from "spring" to "jungle" haha. I was supposed to wear a cute denim dress but Malin had a really cool leopard-scarf that we draped me in instead and took some really cool shots. Very nice to work with mr. Carter as usual and I think the result will be great. After that I passed by Elinor's place for a sallad and believe me, I was staaarving. Back home now and I think there might be a little party going on tonight. Later honeys!


It only takes a camera to change her mind...

Ouufff... It's still way too early for me but I'm trying my best to keep my eyes open allthough the shower is too warm and the bed is too cosy to leave. Sitting here with my latte thinking about this weekend that was supposed to be a GREAT one. Now it's sadly just.. A bit better than the normal ones. Get to see some tennis but who's gonna be there? None of the people I really wanted to see, well except Morling of course! But well, tennis is always tennis. Gotta jet now, off to MIST for todays shoot.

Leave me some sweet comments, will ya?

New shoot for MIST

So nice to see you interact a bit people! I love to read your comments, I think I do have the sweetest readers out there. Tell me a bit more about yourselves? In the meantime I'm gonna go to bed. I really need my beauty sleep because tomorrow I have a new photo shoot for MIST. This time we'll do a natural spring look, and as always I will be styled by gorgeous Malin. The only problem is that I have to be there at 8 am! You people who know me a bit better now know that early mornings aren't really my cup of tea but hey, who said modelling was glamourous?

Don't think I'll be able to blog that much tomorrow but I might send you some mobile update. Anyway, bis morgen Lieblings! (German: see you tomorrow darlings)


Why do I have a bad feeling inside of me right now and what is it even about..?

Stupid b*tch, carry your dog!

I went to work on my tan a bit and on my way back I witnessed something that made me pretty upset. This girl was standing by the bus station with a small, black chihuhua on the ground next to her. The poor dog was trembling in the cold and tried to stand on one foot because he was freezing so much. Everybody saw how the little one was suffering and I'm not a big fan of girls carrying their dogs, trying to look like Paris Hilton but she could at least have lifted him up until the bus came? There was a man who said to her: "Isn't it a bit cold for your dog"? And the girl answers acidly: "Isn't it cold for all of us"?



Good morning darlings! Woke up early today again, think I'm stressed or something because I don't sleep very good at all at the moment. But then again, I have soo many things on my mind right now that it would be strange if I wasn't a bit stressed. Yesterday I spoke to two people in the direction of club SOLO in Barcelona and they were both very nice so I decided to take a look at the website and damn, I am SO going there ASAP. Looks really great so if you happen to be in Barcelona - go party at SOLO! Now I'm gonna drink my coffee and answer your comments. Have a wonderful day!


Man what can I say? This blog has got some seriously fancy readers apparantly and I'm so very proud to have such international and cool people following my life. I also have to say muchisimas gracias for inviting me to ASW, I owe you so much. I know my new life in Spain is gonna ROCK! Oh yes sir...

Now it's time for bed.

The Beach

Back from the solarium and sooo hungry. Gotta make myself some lunch now and then I think I'll watch the movie The Beach to get into the Thailand spirit. Who knows? Maybe I find that very beach and stay there for the rest of my life? Oh right, I've allready been where the movie was made and sadly it wasn't as amaxing as in the movie. Oh well, maybe there are other hidden beaches? Anyway - Now lunch.

Almost feeling great

Haven't slept very good tonight. I woke up many many times and dreamt weird dreams and at 7.30 am I was wide awake and here I sit now like a true blogger. But I feel good as hell, the sun is shining and I feel like getting some stuff done today. Oh wait, I take back what I just said about feeling good. I just got some f*cked up news:

Monaco is not playing Davies. Ma che cazzoooo!!
I was looking forward so much to see everyone for the first time this year and one by one they got injured. I kept my last hope with Pico but no, he got injured against Ferrero in Acapulco and no more Picus for DC. Damnit! Anyway, get better soon man!!

Can't seem to stop smiling!

I just can't stop smiling today. My life just feels so great right now, like I'm about to make a lot of changes for the better. I want to cut off all bad connections that just sucks energy out of my soul and concentrate on all the good stuff in my life. I'm finally getting out of this cold, depressive country to start a new life somewhere. Maybe Barcelona, maybe somewhere else, and that feels so good. Right now I'm listening to Norah Jones, singing along to almost all the songs that pops up on Spotify. I love that voice so much!

And I wanna wake up with rain
falling on a ten roof
while I'm safe there in your arms,
so what I ask is for you
to come away with me in the night...

Norah Jones - Come away with me

Curly girly

Great day so far. Malin made a really spacey thing with my hair and I looked like something in between Marge Simpson and Lilla My (for you who know who she is). After that we tried out the triple iron that she had and the result was some really nice curls in my stubborn, straight hair. Nice to finally see some lasting curls, think I'll invest in one of those irons. After the MIST session I hade a late lunch at Ellas place. Always so nice to see my most positive and oldest, close girlfriend (grrr! ;).

Curly curls...

Todays outfit

Happy face.


I am going to...

Allright folks so two days after I'm back from Barcelona, meaning the 17/3 I am off to sunny THAILAND! Only for two weeks but it's gonna be so great. I'll just lay on some beach somewhere, do some shopping in Bangkok, meet up with some friends around the islands and most importantly: say my goodbyes to the people I lost in the Tsunami a few years ago. I don't feel like I've really been capable of going to Thailand after that but I feel ready now. Here's a touchy one and I mean no harm at all, did anyone of you loose someone close to you in that enormous tragedy? If that is so, I feel for you and I know how unbelievably hard it is ♥

But now this turned into a really sad blog and that was not the point, I'm gonna travel again for christ sake! WOohoO! And the first one with the correct answer was Mr. Bögjävel himself! Well done, MWAH, here's the kiss I promised. Now I gotta take a quickie with the shower (oh yesss) and then I'm off to MIST and hopefully a fika with C afterwards. Need to discuss those short stories...


Just cut to the chase, will ya?

Too tired to think straight right now so I'll tell you tomorrow where I'm going. Tomorrow I'm modelling for MIST again, this time it's my hair that's gonna get a make over. Gonna be nice as allways to work with talented Malin. Now I have to sleep my beauty sleep but first I'll try to read a bit of Breaking Dawn. Is it just me or do the books just become more and more surreal along the saga? I'm starting to get bored honestly, too much bullshitting around, can't they just cut to the chase?

Ten hour flight

Just had a nice dinner with my dad and now I'm back in bed. I'm still a bit sick but feeling much better, I just loove to lay in bed all day long. Gotta take advantage now that I'm not working nor studying. A few of you have guessed where I'm going but I'll hold it just a little longer so keep on guessing. Here's another clue: It's a ten hour flight to get there.

Back in business

Allright people, I'm back in the game! Even the best blog on earth needs a time out sometimes... But I'm back with full power and I've got some news for you hunnies. I'm off on another trip soon, can you possibly guess where? The first one to guess the right place gets a link and a fat kiss. I'll give you one clue: It's not Spain this time. 

Now guess people guess!! 

Hahah hello sexy..?

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