The time of my life

Sorry for being the worst blogger in world history but I do have a good excuse, or actually two! First of all I'm sitting in front of the computer ALL day long and when I'm off I'm not really feeling like spending more time looking at a screen. And second - I'm crazy in love! I just want to spend every seccond with Him!

Last weekend was amazing! We went for a drink with Aldo, Fernando, Elise and some other girls at Maumau saturday night. After some singing and guitarrplaying on the street and the craziest taxi trip I've ever had (Fernando singing horrible in the cab until the driver got mad and started driving like a maniac while the rest of us were laughing so hard we couldn't breathe, poor driver!) we ended up at Hotel ME. Maaan I love that place, the music is SO damn crazy and awesome. And best of all - for the first time we had a completely trouble-free night there hahah. Gorgeous Sarina and Jasmine were there aswell and we freaked around a while and then me and baby went home to sleep a bit.

Fer, me, Aldo and

Sunday was amazing! We took the moto and went to Sitges with a beach-stop first in Garraf. We stayed there for a few hours and I took a swim for the first time this year. Freezing but nice! We went on to Stiges for a nice Paella and a walk around the city. The church and the area around was sooo beautiful and I just loved it there. We had a yoghurt ice-cream with fruits and chocolate before going back to the beach before going back home to Barcelona

Yummu yoghurt - Happy girl by the church

This week has been full of soccer of course. I was so sad wednesday when my Spain lost against Switzerland but it might be a good wake up-call for them, they're living in the blue right now and they can't think that it's so easy to win the worldcup. Let's see how it goes against Chile and Honduras. But so nice to see Giovanni playing well for Mexico who kicked France out of the game last night and of course my second team Argentina who won 4-1 against South Korea

And well, today is Friday so I couldn't be anything but happy. Finally weekend again!
Hope you guys are doing well in Sweden, miss you all. XXX


Just another mug-shot!

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allt bra?:D<3

2010-06-18 @ 13:50:53

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